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Life in Toronto city guide welcomes you the most exciting place in Canada!

I cover a lot of fun stuff - from cultural and sporting events in Toronto for residents to top notch accommodation for tourists. We do everything to make your stay and life here enjoyable!

You will find here information on how to plan your Toronto vacation, from finding the cheapest Canadian flights to booking the best hotel.

If you are visiting Toronto, I'll show you the best of the city, including Toronto's hot places, top attractions, tours, sightseeing and Niagara Falls getaways.

Our warm and welcoming northern city has something to offer to everyone. Life in Toronto never sees a dull moment.

Tourists can explore the city by foot, by car, by ferry or by streetcar.

Downtown is full of wonderful surprises - all types of food from all over the world, beautiful contemporary architecture with historic buildings scattered here and there, art galleries and museums, gorgeous islands just 5 minutes by ferry away.

Many people choose Toronto as their new home - and our website if chock full of practical tips!

If you are planning to immigrate and start a new life in Toronto, I'll give you a glimpse into the city life, to make your moving here as easy as possible. You will learn about renting an apartment in Toronto, buying your first house or condo, finding your first job and a day care for your kids.

Start a new life in Toronto:

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Toronto Apartments for Rent How To Rent
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Health Care in Canada Health Care
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Used cars in Canada How To Buy
Used Cars
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Find a Job:

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Read these tips about living in Toronto. You will need to find a place to live in, so you could either rent an apartment or buy a house or a condo. Do not buy or rent anything before you land in the city, you might make a mistake! There are good and bad places to live in. These Toronto living tips will help you make the right decision.

Among the first things you would need to do is to apply for Ontario Health Card and arrange for health insurance for the first 3 months that you won't be eligible for free health care. Read information about health care in Canada for more tips.

You would most likely need a car to live in Toronto (unless you choose to settle in Downtown). Toronto is a huge city, and although the transport system works pretty well, it might get hard to move around. Most immigrants prefer to buy a used car when they just start a new life in Toronto. Read tips about buying used cars in Canada and finding cheap auto insurance.

Once you find a place to live, you can start looking for a job in Toronto. It's a huge city, and there are plenty of jobs here, but you have to be really competitive. It may be hard to find your very first job in Toronto without Canadian experience, but it is possible. These tips will help you stay on top of your job search in Toronto.

The goal of the Life in Toronto city guide is to give you all the information about the city in order to make your stay extremely enjoyable, and, perhaps, to help you make the big decision on whether life here is for you.

So what is it about life in Toronto that attracts tourists from all over the world? Is it the multitude of tourist attractions ? The friendly and open-minded people? Its status of the financial capital of Canada? Or the vibrant Downtown that never sleeps?

It's all these things that make Toronto so great. I will not exaggerate if I say that cultural diversity is the cornerstone of life, it defines who we are and what we stand for. I have moved here in July 2007, but this hard-working yet fun-loving city, rubbed off on me.

I love the city so much, and it will make me happy if the information on this website will help you fall in love with it!

Please note - I am not a travel agent, nor am I an immigration consultant. I am just someone who lives in the city, explores it and shares the best tips with you. Therefore, the information on this website is genuine - I won't write if I do not strongly believe that I am showing you the best.

All the information on Life in Toronto is written by me - Svetlana, and most pictures are taken by Kate - she is also an immigrant, and we go sightseeing together so I can write and she can illustrate to make the city come to life for you!

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