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Are you looking for saving tips? We have compiled a few articles for you.

You can learn how car insurance in Canada works, how quotes are calculated, why it's important, what kind of benefits you can expect if you were in a collision, how at-fault accident and other factors affect your rates.

Some of these articles are specific to insurance in Ontario, others are related to Toronto only, which is famous for having the most expensive insurance rates. We hope that our resources will help you find and buy the cheap car insurance in Canada.

Understanding Car Insurance in Canada

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This article answers many questions about car insurance in Canada. You will learn how insurance works, how your insurance quotes and the premiums you have to pay are calculated, what exactly is covered by your insurance, how to behave if you had a car accident, how to make a claim and whether you can lend or borrow someone's car.

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Cheap Car Insurance In Canada: A Few Tricks You Probably Didn't Know About

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Shopping for cheapest car insurance in Canada is very time consuming. Most people give up easily, accept the first quote they could find and stay with the same company for many years. There are, however, a few tricks you could do to find better and cheaper auto insurance quotes Canada. Feel free to use these saving tips and tricks.

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Car Insurance in Ontario Canada

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This article is for Ontarian drivers who are looking for cheap auto insurance quotes Canada. It covers the following information : Accident benefits coverage in Ontario, how insurance companies use your driver record to calculate your auto insurance rates in Ontario, what is no-fault coverage, who is eligible for benefits in case of an auto collision in Ontario and what kinds of benefits you may receive.

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Auto Insurance Rates in Toronto and How To Get Cheap Insurance

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Toronto is the most expensive city when it comes to auto insurance quotes Canada. The average yearly rates in Toronto are $ 3356 a year (source- This amount is calculated based on all insurance rates of all drivers in Toronto. The rates for new drivers are usually much higher, so new immigrants should be prepared to pay at least twice as much in the first year. If you have maintained a good driving history, no at-fault accidents nor tickets, and your driver's license has never been suspended, your rates in Toronto will slowly go down.

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How Toronto Car Insurance Quote Is Calculated

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This article is intended for newcomers to Toronto and contains tips and tricks specific to Toronto that you can use to reduce your car insurance rates. For example, you don't have to insure your car from "head to toe". If you just arrived to Toronto, you could start from buying a cheap second hand car to afford the cheapest insurance. If you own a cheap second-hand car, you could opt for a very basic coverage and save.

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