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Auto insurance rates Toronto are, to put it nicely, CRAZY. The average yearly price for a car insurance in Toronto is $ 3356 a year (source-

This is the average rate calculated based on insurance rates of all car owners.

The rates for new drivers are usually much, much higher. Be prepared to pay at least twice as much for your car insurance in Toronto in the first year.

If you have a good driving history in Toronto, no accidents nor tickets, and your driver's license has never been suspended, your auto insurance rates Toronto will gradually go down.

If you are immigrating to Toronto from the United States - you are in luck. Only driving experience from the US and a few other countries is recognized in Ontario. Immigrants from other countries are, sadly, considered new drivers and they have to start their driving history from the beginning.

In order to get your first car insurance, you need to get quotes from several insurance brokers and find the cheapest one. Or simply compare the quotes online at

You can compare auto insurance rates Toronto yourself:

Make sure you do not overpay for your first insurance. Don't hesitate to shop around and compare Canadian insurance quotes - done with diligence, chances are you will be able to find very cheap auto insurance rates Toronto!

The situation here is pretty interesting. There is absolutely no way that your friends can recommend you the cheapest Canadian car insurance, unless you have exactly the same car as theirs and the same driving experience a theirs.

The difference between auto insurance rates Toronto can be up to 100%! Every car insurance company has a different formula to calculate the quote. Generally, American and Korean cars are cheaper to insure than Japanese cars, but that, too, can vary form company to company.

Here are a few tips on how to drive your way to a cheaper car insurance if you are a new driver or an immigrant.

Car insurance in Canada - a picture of a stteering wheel
  • Get your full G license as soon as possible. Seriously! As soon as you are comfortable enough to drive on the high way - go and get your full G license. Do not wait. Reason? - auto insurance rates Toronto go down considerably after the next renewal of the insurance policy if you received your G license.

  • If you are a family (husband and wife), insurance companies usually offer a "package" - a 10%+ discount for including both of you in the same insurance policy. That might sound like a great deal. However, if one of you ever gets a ticket or has an accident, your auto insurance rates Toronto will go up for both of you! Yes, the rates may DOUBLE, no matter how mild or serious the accident was. The joint policy option might sound cheap in the short run, but I highly recommend that you get separate policies.

  • If you are employed, check with your employer if they offer any group insurance. Some employers do offer it, and group auto insurance rates Toronto are usually very cheap. They have a few conditions, however. Companies that offer cheap insurance require that you have a clean driving record and have a full G driver's license. Some of them might even require that you either have a good driving record if you are a new driver; or, if you had any tickets, that you have had your full G license for at least 4 years. You may find other group insurance options.

  • If you ever have a minor accident that was your fault, do EVERYTHING to convince the driver to let you pay for his or her car's damage. Some people think, for some reason, that if they suffered in a car accident and they turn to their insurance company - they will get a nice compensation. WRONG! If they don't know good lawyers, they will get free massages and visits to psychologists to "help them through the trauma"! If they did not really suffer, what's the point of getting free massages?

    If you have a mild accident and notify your car insurance company, this information will go in your driving record, and your insurance rates will double (if it was your fault). And it will take 3 to 4 years for this accident to "disappear" from your driving record.

    Keep in mind that all insurance brokers in Toronto share the same database. If you have an accident or got a ticket - they will know instantly. Auto insurance rates Toronto usually double for "bad" drivers with a "bad" driving record. Some insurance companies might refuse to work with you! Others might be more "forgiving", for example, they would "clean" your bad driving record in 3 years instead of 4.

This actually happened to me - that's why I do not drive! The people I rear ended (it was a mild bumper kiss) notified their insurance company and complained that they can't walk and have every joint in their bodies broken and demanded compensation. It was really stupid, because I had 2 passengers in my car who witnessed that they were perfectly capable of walking. Their car's "damage" was calculated at $500, while my insurance rate went from $300 to $600 per month after the next policy renewal!

  • If you ever get a ticket for speeding, driving on the red light or not stopping on a stop sign (NOT a parking ticket - these are OK) - go to a small claims court. The chance is they will simply "forgive" you if you appear in the court on the appointed day. They don't even ask questions - they let you go home and forget about your ticket. If you do not go to the court and simply pay the fine, or do not appear in the court on the appointed day - your auto insurance rates Toronto will grow almost as much as if you had an accident!

My husband got a ticket for making a left turn at an hour when the sign said he couldn't and went to a small claims court. His "hearing" was in 1 year - he appeared in court, and they only said his name and told him to go home! His friend, on the other hand, got a speeding ticket. He did not go anywhere and his insurance rates almost doubled! (he did manage to find a cheaper auto insurance rates Toronto, but still...)

So how many quotes should you get if you are looking for cheap auto insurance rates Toronto? I would recommend getting at least 10 quotes, unless you stumble upon an extremely cheap "pearl" from your second attempt!

Good luck finding your cheapest auto insurance rates Toronto!

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