Car Insurance in Ontario Canada

Car insurance in Ontario Canada has its own specifics, different from other provinces.

If you want to find the cheapest insurance in Ontario, try to compare quote online using the calculator widget.

It compares quotes by participating companies and finds the cheapest insurance in your situation, depending on several riteria such as your age, driving history, car model etc.

Continue reading for information about how insurance in Ontario works and benefits you may be eligible to receive.

For auto insurance rates in Ontario, compare quotes online:

Car insurance in Ontario Canada uses your driver record information to determine your rates

Auto insurance companies determine how likely you are to be involved in a collision based on your driver record.

Canadian car insurance companies take this information into account when calculating your auto insurance rates.

All Canadian car insurance brokers, companies and adjusters in Ontario that have entered into agreement with MTO (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario) and IBC (Insurance Bureau of Canada) have access to your driver record. They use this information to determine your auto insurance rates in Ontario.

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Accident benefits coverage

Ontario offers the most generous accident benefits coverage in Canada.

According to, the medical and rehabilitation benefit limit of car insurance in Ontario Canada is $50 000.

To compare, Yukon offers the lowest benefits coverage, with a limit of $10 000.

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Car insurance in Ontario Canada : no-fault insurance

For Canadian car insurance companies in Ontario it does matter who caused an accident. They determine the extent of your fault based on specific criteria . If you are found to be at-fault, partially or completely, this information goes on your driver record.

In this case, your insurance premiums will certainly go up, sometimes they will double. This information will stay on your record for 3 to 4 years, depending on the Canadian car insurance company.

Some car insurance companies in Ontario are more forgiving than others. If you are were involved into a car accident and were found at-fault, you might want to start shopping around for a cheaper car insurance in Ontario Canada.

If you were found no-fault, your insurance premiums will stay the same.

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No-fault coverage

No-fault type of insurance pays for some or all your loss regardless of who caused that loss. Even if the other driver was at fault, you will have to deal with your own Canadian car insurance company, and not the company of the other driver, for all medical and income replacement coverage.

If you were injured in an accident in Ontario, you are eligible for medical benefits described in your policy even if the accident was your fault. You do not need to wait for the Canadian car insurance companies to decide who is at fault or the extent of the faults of all the drivers. Contact your Canadian car insurance broker immediately.

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Car insurance in Ontario Canada: Who is eligible for benefits

Any person who is injured in a motor vehicle collision or certain relatives or dependants of any person who is injured in a motor vehicle collision may be eligible for benefits.

You are not eligible to receive certain benefits if you were:

  • driving without a valid driver's licence;
  • driving without the owner's consent;
  • were a passenger who knew or that the driver did not have the consent of the car's owner to drive;
  • driving when you knew you did not have valid insurance;
  • driving while impaired or refusing to provide a breath sample;
  • using an automobile in connection with criminal activity;
  • having knowingly misrepresented information when you applied for auto insurance.

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Benefits you may be eligible to receive in Ontario

Income replacement benefit - if you can't work due to the injuries you received in the accident, income replacement benefit will partially compensate you for the loss of your income.

Non-earner benefit - if you are completely incapable of carrying out your normal activities due to the injuries, this benefit will compensate you.

Caregiver benefit - if you cannot continue being a primary caregiver.

Medical and rehabilitation benefit - pays reasonable expenses that are not covered by ohip or your private health insurance plan.

Attendant care benefit - will pay reasonable expenses for a personal aide if you cannot carry out your everyday activities (such as bathing, toileting, dressing or feeding yourself.

Other expenses benefit - may pay for expenses such as lost educational expenses, costs related to house keeping or maintenance. it also may include

purchasing new clothes if yours were damaged in a car accident.

Death and funeral payments benefit - is available for survivors of a person killed in a car accident to help pay for a funeral.

For more information about car insurance in Ontario Canada, and to learn about how much you could get in benefits if you were in a collision in Ontario, read Accident Benefits Coverage in Ontario.

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