Casa Loma Toronto

Casa Loma Toronto is probably the most visited place in Toronto, after CN tower.

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Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8

Phone number: 416-923-1171 Admission fee: $18.19 (adults), $12.95 (seniors and youth), $10.02 (children). Parking: Per hour - $3, maximum $9

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Why visit Casa Loma Toronto

Apart from the beauty of the furnishing and the decor, I think the castle is worth a visit because of the back story of the man who built it and had lost it for not paying taxes (a lesson learned!).

It was built by Sir Henry Pellatt, a well-known Canadian a Canadian visionary, philanthropist, financier, a soldier and a romantic. He wanted to become famous, and he got it - but, obviously, not the way he wanted it. Still, it's an interesting place to see what rich people do when they have too much money!

Pictures of Casa Loma Toronto:

casa loma

casa loma ceiling casa loma desk casa loma fountain casa loma garden casa loma garden
casa loma living room casa loma room casa loma view from the garden casa loma study casa loma wine cellar

Hollywood LOVES Casa Loma Toronto!

Did you know that many Hollywood movies are actually shot in Toronto? And some of them - in this castle? It is often used in movies to enhance the "spookiness" of the scenario - the passages ARE spooky in the dark! 1 day of shooting costs $3000, or $300 per hour, and that doesn't stop Hollywood producers from using the premises!

All these movies were shot in Casa Loma:

Casa Loma Toronto - Highlights


Every 30 minutes they are playing a movie about Sir Henry Pelatt, the man behind this grandeur. The movie is called Pellatt Newsreel. It's styled as a 1930's documentary. giving you a glimpse into sir Henry's life. And what a life that was! Sir Henry was the ghost behind the wheels of the Canadian economy of the early 20th century, he had an interest in anything and everything, sitting on dozens of corporate boards. The times were severe, however, and Sir Henry fell victim to the bunkruptcy of Home Bank of Canada, to the costs of manitaning the castle, and to investment mistakes. For inability to pay his taxes, he was forced to leave his home and move to a farm in King City.

Casa Loma Gardens

The gardens are, probably my favorite part of the castle. If you visit during May to October - the view is breathtaking! You can find there, depending on the season, roses, wildflowers, rhododendrons, azaleas and plenty of other flowers. Do not forget your cameras and please do send me your pictures!

gardens in Casa  Loma

Secret passages

Kids will enjoy finding and exploring secret passages hidden throughout the castle! Sir Henry surely was having fun planting plenty of those, probably to remind him of the medieval times long gone by.

secret passage in Casa  Loma

If you love history, do not forget to take a self-guided audio tour device. If that is not enough to satisfy your curiosity, the staff is always nearby, ready to answer any questions you may have!

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