Cheap Car Insurance In Canada

Shopping for a cheap car insurance in Canada is very time consuming.

Most people simply go online, fill in the online quote request forms or call Canadian car insurance brokers, and then get what they think is the cheapest car insurance in Canada.

This is all correct, however, there are a few factors that you can control to reduce your rates.

Use these saving tips and tricks so you can get the most out of a cheap car insurance in Canada!

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How to get the cheapest auto insurance in Canada

  • Learn how free Canadian auto insurance quotes are calculated.

  • Do not over-insure your car. Think whether you need to buy a complete coverage or if liability coverage would be enough.

  • Even though this may be slightly more expensive, consider buying separate insurance policies for your family, so your significant other is not held responsible if you have an at-fault accident. You will read many tips about getting all your cars on the same policy and saving.

    But think twice whether 10% discount for the same policy is worth paying double insurance rates if one of the family members causes an accident. This happened to my family (my husband is still paying double for a VERY minor accident ($500 in damages) that I caused 3 years ago, so I lknow what I am talking about! In any case, ask the isurance company directly what will happen if one of family members on the same policy has an at-fault accident.

  • Increase your deductibles. Deductible is the amount of money you will pay out of your own pocket in case you have an at-fault accident. If you undertake to pay more, you will be able to get a cheap car insurance in Canada. Keep it real, however - you should be able to afford to pay that. (Remember, however, if you ever have an at-fault accident, and even if you pay for damages yourself, your Canadian car insurance rates will grow anyway!)

  • Ask for discounts! You may qualify for a discount for installing a theft-protection device, winter tires, or for being a member of an auto club, or for insuring your home and life with the same company. If you don't ask they might not tell. Sometimes, when insurance brokers hear this question, they will feel obliged to offer you a discount.

    Others will pretend that the question is silly and there is no such thing as discount (remember - even if they do offer it, their "discounted" insurance rate may be higher than a regular rate offered by other brokers). Do not take it personally, and call a different broker or compare rates by different companies onlie to find cheap car insurance in Canada.

  • When you buy your first car, start from a used car. Cars depreciate really fast (the moment you leave the dealer, the price drops by a few thousand dollars!). If you buy a 2-year old second hand car, you will be able to buy a cheap car insurance in Canada. It will be much cheaper than rates for brand new car, and very few people will be able to tell the difference. And you won't feel tempted to buy a full coverage for a used car.

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  • Maintain a good credit history. Not many people know that, but maintaining a good credit history is a sure way to a cheap car insurance in Canada. When assessing your risk level, car insurance companies take into account your credit score. Always pay your bills on time, every month. If you have bad credit history, try to resolve your issues before you start shopping again.

  • Be a good driver! This is the most direct way to getting a progressive reduction of rates and to the cheap car insurance in Canada. If you get a ticket - do not pay it right away - go to a small claims court and fight it. Chances are they will simply "forgive" you if you just show up. If you go and pay your ticket - it means you admit your fault, and it will go into your driving record for at least 3-4 years. Even if they find that you "deserved" that ticket, going to a small claims court will not make it any worse.

  • If you had an accident where both drivers were at fault - DO NOT ask your insurance company to pay for the damages! Pay yourself. Your insurance rates will go up right away if they pay for the car damage. If it was not your fault, the rates most likely won't go up, but you better inquire with your broker before you buy the policy. By all means, don't be mean and do not try to "punish" the guilty driver and let him or her pay for the damage. This can happen to anyone, and you will punish a person for at least 3-4 years. Is one moment of sweet revenge worth it?

  • If you cause a mild accident, do everything to convince the other driver to pay for his or her damages, without going through the insurance company! Naturally, pay for yours yourself. Your rates will DOUBLE for an at-fault accident, even if it is as simple as a "bumper kiss"!

  • After you have been with a certain insurance company for a year and had no accidents, tickets and everything else was fine, ask for a rate reduction. If they refuse to give it, start shopping for a cheap car insurance in Canada again. Do not forget to tell them that you will start to look around (even if you are not planning to) - this "dirty trick" might actually work to get them to reduce your rates.

  • If you move, start shopping for the cheapest car insurance in Canada again - it may be that your current company does not offer cheap car insurance in Canada at this region, and you might be able to find another company. Remember - each company's rates vary considerably from city to city, neighbourhood to neighbourhood, car make to car make.

  • Get your home insurance and car insurance with the same company. Most copanies offer both types of insurance, and offer a discount if you buy both policies. However, sometimes it may be more profitable to insure your home in one company and your car in another! (rarely, though). So do not accept your first free quote, check mutiple possibilities and compare quotes from many companies to find the best cheap car insurance in Canada.

We hope these tips will help you find cheap car insurance in Canada

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