Cheap Flights Canada

Looking for cheap flights Canada deals? These tips are for you! There is no one easy way to find cheapest Canadian or international flights, but there are several guidelines you could follow to find the cheapest flights possible.

You should know that there are around two dozens different airfares for the same flight. Therefore, a simple comparison of flight ticket prices on several websites can help you save a lot of money.

Why such difference in prices? Briefly, airlines, apart from selling air tickets directly, contract with various travel agencies and consolidators. Airlines sell large blocks of flight tickets to travel agencies with a discount, and every travel agency sells tickets to customers at its own prices.

This does not mean, however, that it's best to book cheap flights Canada directly with airlines - airlines offer discounts to travel agencies for large volumes of tickets, and then offer the same tickets at a higher price to the final customer.

However, there is no agreement between airlines and agencies as to what each should charge, and they all charge their own prices which may differ considerably.

Therefore, once you have a certain budget in mind for your flight, you should quickly compare several websites and book to find cheap flights Canada.

Continue reading the tips or use these quick links to find best Canadian cheap air flight tickets.

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Tip 1: Compare Rates on Several Websites to Find Cheap Flights Canada Deals

While there is an option to turn to a travel agent to find cheap Canadian flights, we will only discuss the possibility of finding cheapest flights online.

The most common mistake people make is turn to the most known travel website and book the first ticket available.

As we mentioned earlier, shopping around will help you save sometimes up to 90% of the total airfare. The trick is to quickly compare the rates offered by all three types of sites.

There are 3 types of websites where you can find cheap air flight tickets and cheapest international flights:

  • Online Travel Meta Search Engines/Aggregators
  • Online Travel Agencies/Consolidators
  • Airlines

Cheap Flights Canada with Travel Meta Search Engines/Aggregators

Aggregators are not travel agencies nor are they affiliated with any airlines. What they do is read feeds in other travel websites that sell tickets.

Once you find the cheapest Canadian flight, you will be taken from the aggregator to the website that sells the current cheapest tickets.

Aggregators are able to search cheap flights Canada on multiple websites at the same time, however not all aggregators search all travel websites.

As an experiment, we searched one flight on two aggregators - Tripadvisor and Dohop. We chose to search for a flight from Toronto to Vancouver, departing on January 7 2012 and returning one week later on January 14, 2012.


The results were as follows:

The best cheap flights Canada deal according to Tripadvisor was with CheapOair - $472 + Taxes & Fees = $608 CAD

According to Dohop, the cheapest Canadian flight was offered by Flight Network at the price of $478 + $175 taxes=$653 CAD.

However, when we checked flights on CheapOair and Flight Network , they were $521.28 + $150.84 taxes = $672.12 CAD (more pricey than found by Tripadvisor) and $470 + $169 taxes = $ 639 CAD (cheaper than found by Dohop) respectively.

Cheap flights Canada with online travel agencies/consolidators

Online travel agencies and consolidators offer cheap flights, hotels, car hire, tours and other travel services. the difference between a travel agency and a consolidator is that consolidators work in partnership with multiple airlines and hotel providers and are able to get tickets at highly discounted prices.

Sometimes, travel agencies and consolidators offer huge discounts to end users. Therefore, it's worth checking several travel agencies before booking your flight, in case they offer some special cheap flights Canada deals.

Here are some great travel agencies and consolidators to check: -Specializing in Cheap Flights Low hotel rates & airfare guarantee at CheapOair! -- great deals on flights & more Logo OneTravel 125x125

Cheap flights Canada with Canadian airlines

You can find great deals on the websites of the Canadian airlines themselves. The most popular airlines in Canada that also sell tickets are Air Canada (domestic and international flights), Air Transat (international only), Pacific Coastal Airlines (British Columbia only), Porter Airlines (Only select cities in Canada and the US), West Jet (Canada, USA, Mexico and the Caribbean).

Tip: Airlines usually update their tickets prices between 12 p.m and 2 a.m. To get the cheapest airfare, you should log in their websites during this time to be the first to grab the cheapest Canadian flights. Do not forget to quickly compare the prices with those offered by travel agencies. As soon as you see the cheapest tickets, book right away, because they won't be there long!

Tip 2: Fly During Midweek to Find Cheap Flights Canada Deals

Midweek (Monday through Thursday) air fares are usually cheaper than weekend air fares (Friday to Sunday). If your schedule is flexible, this is a great way to save a lot of money on your flight.

Tip 3: Check Flights to Nearby Cities to Find Cheap Flights Canada Deals

Sometimes it can be cheaper to fly to a city located close to your destination and then travel to your destination by car/bus or train. It can also be a good option if you want, for example, to take a trip around Europe. You could fly from Toronto to Paris, and then drive around Europe and fly back to Toronto from Budapest.

Travel websites offer the option to select multiple cities, so be sure to check all options before booking your flight to find the cheapest option.

Tip 4: Use Social Media and Join Mailing Lists to Find Cheap Flights Canada Deals

Are you using social media yet? You should start! What's with that social media and why do you need it? Very simple - when travel agencies or airlines want to announce the deals they are offering to the public they do that using their e-newsletters, Twitter or Facebook.

Therefore, it may be very valuable for you to join newsletter lists of Canadian airlines and travel companies, especially TripAdvisor that offers great deals all the time.

Follow them on Twitter or "like" them on Facebook. (Speaking of which, you can do the same for this website - find the buttons in the left column!)

Then you will be one of the first to hear of the best travel deal, or the cheapest Canadian flights.

Tip 5: Check if an Airline Uses Code Sharing with Other Airlines to Find Cheap Flights Canada Deals

Most airlines use codesharing - which means they work in partnerships with other airlines and sell/market air tickets as their own. This basically means that different airlines can charge different prices for the same flight.

Therefore, if you found a cheap flight on one airline, check if it's a codeshare (usually this information is provided explicitly when you run your cheap ticket search.

For example, if you search for a flight from Toronto to New York on West Jet, you will see that this flight is operated by American Eagle. Then you can log in to the website of American Eagle, and search for this flight. Just be sure to still compare both options with airfares offered by travel agencies to find the best cheap flights Canada deals.

Important! If you are ready to book, be sure to compare all the options quickly, within a few minutes, and keep all browsers open so you can quickly see which site offers the cheapest Canadian flights. If you come back in 10 minutes, the prices may change!

Tip 6: More Useful Sites to find Best Cheap Flights Canada Deals

If you are not in a hurry to book your flight, try using Bing Travel to learn whether airfares will go up or down for a certain destination.

This great tool will also tell you which flights might be cheaper for you. For example, if you run a search for flights from Toronto to New York, Bing will tell you that the cheapest option is $276, and will offer you a flight from Toronto to Buffalo for $176. If you want to rent a car in New York, then you could fly to Buffalo, rent a car there, and drive to New York.

On Cheap Flights Canada I used The Encyclopedia of Cheap Travel by Terrance Zepke.