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I keep meeting in many new immigrants who have no idea how to start looking for a job in Toronto. Some of them are sure that they need to to get their qualifications obtained abroad recognized in Canada, before they can even start looking for a job. As confirmation takes a lot of time, sometimes many months, they start low-paid jobs while waiting.

For some regulated professions it's true, you cannot start working in Canada without making sure your diploma corresponds to Canadian standards. For most positions - you don't have to wait. In most cases, employers don't even ask a diploma!

There are two top job search websites in Canada that you simply have to know about to save time on finding city if Toronto jobs. They are, Although they are rather what is called "job search engines", because they search for jobs on multiple job boards.

What makes them the top job search websites (or top job search engines) in Canada is the way you can use them. There are plenty of job boards here and employers are free to post city of Toronto jobs on any of them. However these two websites are designed in a way that they find the job postings from many other job boards and employers' websites and bring them to your screen. This saves you a lot of time on browsing multiple job search websites.

The site finds all city of Toronto jobs posted by both employers and employment agencies., on the other hand, only finds city of Toronto jobs from employers' websites. This website can be very useful if you are interested in finding a job with particular employers. Besides, it contains a lot of information about Canadian employers, such as industry description, perks and benefits this employer offers, a map of the office location, whether it is a "top employer" and the reasons why this employer was voted "top employer".

These websites have multiple search options. You can search by a position title, by employer, by job placement agency, you can even exclude words from search when it produces too many results.

This is the simplest option to find city of Toronto jobs. You simply enter a keyword and a location, click "Find Jobs" and that's it!

A keyword can be anything from job title through your unique quality (are you bilingual? Type - "bilingual"! Would you like to find a government job? Type "government".

Try to find city of Toronto jobs yourself:

what where
job title, keywords or company
city, province jobs by job search

A few sample jobs posted right now:

Government Banking Accounting Insurance
Marketing Web designer Lawyer IT

You can also set up email alerts that bring all city of Toronto jobs directly to your email, or subscribe to RSS feed to see updates once a day. However, you should create all the alerts and subscriptions after you figure out what your best keywords are, because otherwise you will be getting a lot of job alerts you are not interested in.

Keep in mind that searching by job title will bring only limited search results. There are so many ways to name a position with certain job requirements it's not even funny! Always search for a job by a keyword - the best keywords describe what you know best.

dvanced job search

I will give you an example of how I searched for a job using I am bilingual in English and French (well, I am trilingual, but in Canada only these 2 languages matter). Besides, I know some html, but definitely not enough to be a web designer.

I know that there are a lot of other city of Toronto jobs where html knowledge and bilingualism are desired, so I set up the job search that looks for either "french" or "bilingual" in the position description. Since I am not a web designer, I typed the words "designer", "web designer" and "developer" in the field "with none of these words".

I also typed the words "nurse" in the field "with none of these words". It is not necessary, because there is very little chance that someone needs a nurse with a knowledge of html, but I did this just for the sake of a discipline - searching just for one of the keywords "french" or "bilingual" city of Toronto jobs brings many results of "bilingual nurse" positions, and I am not a nurse.

I am only interested in full time positions, therefore I choose "full time" from the drop-down menu. Also, I have a car, so I am not limited by Toronto city, and can easily travel 50 km to work. So I choose "50 km" from the menu. Then I click "Find Jobs".

Jobs in Toronto

Here are the results of my search:

jobs in Toronto - how to find a job in Toronto using a job search engine

Some of them look pretty interesting, as they contain only bilingual jobs where knowledge of html is required, but none with a web designer position. And I received very few irrelevant results. I could refine my job search further as I learn which common keywords to exclude.

As soon as you are happy with the results, you can create email alerts or subscribe to RSS feeds with with and, using your best keywords. This way, you will always know first-hand when city of Toronto jobs matching your skills appear on any Toronto job boards or on employer's websites.

These top job search websites in Canada work beautifully, however there is one serious fault with them. Sometimes they show positions that have already been expired.

Perhaps it happens because these positions were not advertised for a long time, or the "crawlers" of these websites crawled certain job boards a bit too late.

Would you like more tips on finding a job in Toronto? Read tips written by real new immigrants who already found jobs and generously shared their stories with you here. Once you find your first job please pay it forward by writing your story!

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