CN Tower Toronto

Amazing CN Tower Toronto: it's not JUST a tower! There's plenty of things to do and see there, it's fun to visit for kids and adults alike.

It is one of 5 top Toronto attractions that is included in the Toronto CityPass, which gives you a 45% discount for visiting all 5 attractions in 9 days!

If you are looking for fun things to do in Toronto, these top Toronto attractions are a must see, especially if you are staying in Toronto only for a few days and only want to see the best.

Address: 301 Front Street West Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T6 Canada

Phone number: (416) 868-6937
Fax number: (416) 601-4722
Edgewalk phone number: (416) 601-3833
CN Tower Restaurant phone number: (416) 362-5411

Admission fee: varies from $22.99 (adults) and $14.99 (child) to $65.00 (all-inclusive, except Edgewalk and Restaurant)

Note: If you purchase the Toronto CityPass (45% off for 5 Toronto tourist attractions), it includes the Look Out, the Glass Floor and a choice of attraction: 3-D film or motion theatre ride. Unfortunately, it does NOT include Sky Pad and CN Tower restaurant.

Parking: Lots of parking in the neighborhood

Pictures of CN Tower

CN Tower

CN Tower between buildings View of Yonge street from CN Tower Glass floor in CN Tower Binoculars in CN Tower CN Tower in Downtown Toronto
CN Tower reflected in windows CN Tower View of Harbourfront from CN Tower People lying on glass floor in CN tower View from CN Tower 360 restaurant

CN Tower, Toronto - Highlights

New! CN tower Edgewalk!

Beginning August 1, 2011, CN tower offers the ULTIMATE experience - the Edge Walk! You will be able to actually walk at 356m/1168ft (116 stories) above the ground for 30 minutes! Tickets are sold separately and must be used on the specified date, as they create small groups of people. Tickets cost $175 plus tax, and include a video of you and an photos. Participants also receive a Total Experience ticket that include all the CN tower attractions.

High Speed Elevators

Six high-speed glass-fronted elevators will whisk you up at 22 kilometers (15 miles) per hour! Starting in 2008, three additional elevators have a glass floor, which gives you a breathtaking view!

Glass Floor

CN Tower Toronto Glass floor is located at the Look Out level. You can walk, jump and lie down on the floor! The view of the ground is simply breathtaking, and people and cars seem so tiny they look like little toys! For your peace of mind, It can withstand the weight of 14 large hippos!

Look Out

At the same level, you can, well, look out - great view of Downtown Toronto, Financial District with skyscrapers, and Toronto islands! Do not forget your camera and send me your pictures!

360 Restaurant in CN Tower Toronto serves seafood, meat and vegetarian food, all the while slowly rotating - so you get a full 360-degree view of Toronto once every 72 minutes. Not for those who get dizzy easily!

Make a reservation at (416) 362-5411.

Sky Pod

Sky Pod is the highest level of CN Tower Toronto - 447 metres (1465 ft.) or 146 stories above the ground! Unfortunately, it is not included in the Toronto CityPass - you need to buy additional ticket to get there. With visibility over 160 km, in good weather, you can actually see the mist over Niagara Falls and even Rochester, New York!

HIMALAMAZON Motion Theatre ride

It's a 4D movie experience - a fantastic adventure! You can actually feel the wind and the water as you take a journey with the super Trees (restriction - must be 42 inches tall to ride). Some people think that it's better than CN Tower Toronto!

3D movie -the ultimate Wave Tahiti

It's a surf movie, starring Kelly Slater, American safer, and Raimana Van Bastolaer, Tahitian surfer. The movie is an amazing visual 3D experience, featuring beautiful scenery of Tahiti islands, telling the story of the origin of surfing.

Note: with the purchase of the Toronto CityPass you will have a choice between Himalamazon and the Ultimate Wave Tahiti movie in CN Tower Toronto! Therefore, choose wisely! You might pay separately, if you have a super strong vestibular system!

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