Data Research Representative At The Canadian Institute

by Kate Kraveska

It took me one month and two sent resumes to find my first job since I landed in Toronto.

I was looking for a full-time job, and searched everywhere: in the newspapers, on the Internet, by reading notes at the bus stops.


The thing is, I knew I wanted something serious and not just being another hamburger baker in the local McDonald's. I wouldn't sent my CV to ANY place just to "start something".

So, I've prepared my resume and sent it to the place that looked and sounded respected: The Canadian Institute, a huge company that organizes forums and business conferences. After my first-ever Canadian interview I received full-time office job.

Here are some job interview tips that I learned:

Don't rush to get the first job you found. Sometimes it is more effective to look for a job for another week than get a job that you'll quit in a week.

Look at the name of the company. The bigger is the company, the better conditions you have. At least they will have to offer you to sign a contract and everything will be legal. You feel more protected - and yes, your first pension money begins to grow.

Be confident. Know what you are worth. I've been a teacher before I immigrated to Toronto, and I have a great respect to myself. Your employer will feel that during the interview. Don't beg for the job, even if you really need it. Respect yourself. The employer also needs a worker, maybe even in a more desperate way than you ;)

Know the rules. Learn the dress code of the locals, fit your resume to every single position, arrive 10 minutes before the interview, be aware of the requirements for the position you are going to get. In Toronto they judge you by the way you dress and the way you behave, not by the working experience back there in your former country.

Ask yourself: what can I do now? What are my real, pure skills? Don't keep in mind all the years spent working for a Big-Daddy-Company everyone knew in your hometown.

Here you are not labeled anymore, you are what you are, and nobody cares about your experience or education you had back there where you came from. So be realistic and use the skills you have as your advantage.

During the interview don't say: I've been working at the Xray Insurance for 10 years; but say something like: I have good interpersonal skills and I can translate 5 pages of science work from French to English in a minute.

Be open-minded. Try something new. Maybe this is the turning point in your life when you can finally find something you always wanted to do. Go ahead, seek and try!

Good luck with your job interview in Toronto and finding your first job!

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