Definitely CN Tower

by Huy W

Go to any big city (and Toronto is one of the largest) and you're going to find the prerequisite "tall-lookout-something-attraction" but you have to give CN tower a go.

I'm from Seattle and the Space Needle is about as close to a clone as you can get but content is quite different and more fresh.

It's really easy on the feet, you can get a good amount of activities done within the floor space of half a hockey rink.

Observation deck is neat and Toronto has a sprawling layout. You get a pretty good variety since the tower is next to the water so you can see islands, piers, and of course boats (even the kind right out of glass bottles).

The sky pod is a bit higher but probably not really worth it except perhaps it really lets you marvel at how massive the sports dome is below you.

The best level I think is the glass floor level where you can stand on unbreakable glass and look all the way down to the ground. There were people (adults mind you) with tepid toes and clinging to wall.

There is also the ground entertainment 3D theater and 4D ride. Overall it's a great value and they type of people you'll find there make it pretty relaxing and enjoyable for adults.

The vicinity and walk-ability make it manageable for kids also. Really a pleasant surprise.

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