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How should you dress for a job interview? Many people do not take dress code question seriously. Some think that they are so qualified, that it doesn't matter if they wear proper attire - the employer will hire them no matter what.

And I do in fact know a few people who get hired no matter what they wear to a job interview. But they are really geniuses in what they do, and employers could feel that instantly during job interview. So what should majority of people who are not geniuses, do? Right - respect the dress code!

As a rule of thumb, proper dress for job interviews should be on the same level as the person you are interviewing with. Come overdress and you could make the interviewer uncomfortable. Come under-dressed - and you make an impression as a little sloppy.

There is practically no way to know what your interviewer will wear. Therefore the best way to find out how to dress is to check what people wear at the company you are going to interview in.

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Come close to the building a few days in advance in the morning or during lunchtime and watch what people who come in and out wear, so you get the idea what their company dress code might be. Or you could simply ask the person who calls you what their dress code is!

Take into account the nature of the job, and the level of responsibilities. For example, if you are looking for an entry position, dressing for job interviews into Armani suit or a Prada dress might not be appropriate.

If you are interviewing for an entry level position in McDonald's, you could feel pretty confident going in a shirt and grey or black pants, without burdening yourself with a tie or a blazer. Do not, however, forget to remove all the piercings!

If you are applying for an executive position, the dress code requires that you wear more expensive suits or dresses than when interviewing for administrative positions.

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If you, like majority of job seekers, fall in the middle category, it's a good idea to always have available at least one nice inexpensive business suit - which is in most cases a proper dress for job interviews.

For men, it should be in black, grey or brown color. That could be ideal for most situations. If you belong to a "creative" profession, for example, you are a web designer or a DJ on a radio, you could go a little more creative with the colors or type of suits, but do not overdo that!

You could wear a fancy shirt and even jeans, but if you put on a t-shirt with a portrait of your favorite actor, it would be too distracting for your interviewer.

Women should dress for job interview slightly more conservatively than the accepted "normal" is. Cleavage and open shoulders are definitely a no-no, unless you are interviewing for a lingerie model position.

You could wear black, grey, brown, or even beige or blue business suit, or a strict business dress. Red, pink and yellow are a No.

When you dress for a job interview, you should never neglect shoes! They should go with your total "ensemble".

Proper attire for job interviews for women - medium high heels, color matching your business suit, or black.

For men - black or brown shoes, no tassels, lace or other decorations!

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