Free Job Interview Tips

Take these free job interview tips to the heart : we all know that passing a job interview with flying colors is not so much about how fit you are for the job, but rather about your job interview skills and whether you can make a good first impression. The rest of the interview is just a formality!

Job interview dress code

You should not neglect proper attire for a job interview. First of all, you should look neat and tidy. Ideally, you should wear a discreet business suit of not too bright colors (gray, brown or dark blue). Remember, shoes should also match your clothes.

Women enjoy a much wider choice when it comes to job interview dress code, but that could lead to more mistakes. It's best to wear a strict, fairly conservative dress, pants suit or a strict skirt with a blouse of a neutral color. Do not go to extremes when choosing the length of your skirt and jewelry.

Do not forget your hair and nails! Hairstyle must be neat - no radical colors or highlights. Makeup should be minimized. Do not expose any body parts - legs, arms, neck (even in summer). Do not use a lot of perfume. Long nails with bright nail polish are good only if you are interviewing for a position in a beauty parlor. Do not wear leather and piercings. Read more tips about job interview dress code.

Free job interview tips: what to bring to an interview

Free Job Interview tips - a picture of a man and a woman at a job interview

Do not forget to bring your resume, letters of recommendation (if any). Make sure that the resume contains accurate information about your skills, knowledge, level of training. Resume should look professional, be legible, without mistakes and typos. Most importantly your resume must match the position you are interviewing for. Read tips about preparing a resume.

You will also need: a notebook to take notes, a pen, driver's license and social insurance card (if applicable), a diploma, just in case.

Free job interview tips: never be late!

Everybody knows it, but not everybody follows this simple rule. If a candidate is late for a job interview, what does it say about his or her work style? If you are not sure how long it will take you to get to an interview, it's much better to come well in advance and wait than be a few minutes late.

Free job interview tips: handshake

Experts in Business Communication insist: our handshake says more about us than we want to. A weak and indecisive handshake signals a weakness of character. Too strong and firm handshake might be interpreted as dominant or excessive enthusiasm. But a confident and strong handshake conveys leadership skills.

Free job interview tips: body language

Do not underestimate the importance of posture and movements, including facial expressions. If you want to convey self-confidence - sit straight, keeping your shoulders back. Do not cross your legs and relax in the chair, making yourself at home - even if your interviewer is relaxed.

Try not show that you are nervous. Do not fuss. Avoid unnecessary movements. Do not touch your accessories, jewelry, face, hair, do not cross your arms. Make an eye contact with the interviewer. If you can not look into his or her eyes, look at the bridge of his nose - this trick creates an illusion that you are looking straight into the eyes of the interviewer. Try practicing how to job interview using your body language before the interview.

Free job interview tips: presentation

Prepare small, for 5-7 minutes, story about yourself. The following plan of answering the most popular job interview question "Tell me about yourself" works great in any situation:

My name is John Smith. I have an MBA in Marketing. I graduated from such and such university with specialization in Marketing Survey Research and Analysis. I have 7 years of experience in marketing, including 4 years as an accountant and 2 as an accounting supervisor. I worked at _______ (list names, with emphasis on industry activities and brand organizations). My job was to _______ (key aspects of the activity. I was able to _______ (professional achievement). Remember, your story should emphasize your skills.

For more free job interview tips and more inspiration about job interview answers, read Sample job interview questions and answers

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