Job Interview Advice

This free job interview advice comes from a successful job hunter, not from a human resource professional, and it's based on my personal experience.

I have gone through several job interviews as I was looking for a job in Toronto and have come up with a great and easy-to-follow formula.

As I started following this simple formula, interviewing has become almost fun!

To pass a job interview with flying colors you need basically three things - prepare and practice before the interview, dress smartly and, most importantly, change the way you are looking at a job interview.

Free Job interview advice - Step by Step

Free Job Interview Advice 1 - prepare and practice

This one may take a lot of time, but if you are serious about finding a new job, you have to prepare. You should realize that interviewers do not often make the "right" decision. They can be easily manipulated into believing that they are making the right decision by those candidates that interview better.

I've heard a few scary stories about managers making the wrong decision and realizing too late that the candidate that they hired was, in fact, nothing but "blah blah", but interviewed better than others. I am not teaching you to manipulate the employer - but you do need to be competitive to outsmart, or "out-interview" your competitors.

Job Interview Preparation - a picture of a serious woman giving free job interview advice

You might be a gem of a worker, but if you are shy or unprepared - someone will do better than you. So take some time and prepare answers to common interview questions.

I highly recommend you the The Ultimate Guide To job Interview Answers. It will teach you the most important skills: how to be confident; how to easily calm nerves or fear; how to use professional words; and most, importantly, how to get the interviewer to like you by telling them EXACTLY what they want to hear!

Also, jot down what you liked and disliked about all your previous positions, your greatest achievements, and know firmly WHY you want the job you are applying for. It's impossible to prepare for each and every question you might be asked, but most of them usually revolve around the ones I mentioned. Read all your answers to your friends or family until you sound "natural" to yourself.

Free Job Interview Advice 2 - Look professional

If you look professional, it will make you feel more professional during an interview. Apart from being professional, your clothes should be comfortable.

Do not put on brand new shoes for a job interview ! Do not wear black or too thin hose or stockings - you might accidentally get a run, and that will spoil it all for you! Inspect your clothes before the interview to see if there is a spot or they need some ironing! Read more job interview tips about dress code at how to dress for a job interview.

Free Job Interview Advice 3 - Change the way you are looking at a job interview

You should understand how the employer looks at an interview. It is NOT about you! It is about finding the best person to do the job. The employer desperately wants you to show him or her that you are THAT person who can solve all their problems!

He really doesn't care how he makes you feel with those difficult questions - he wants you to take the lead and show that you came to bring the solution. Once you realize it, you will be able to not have any personal feelings about the job interview, which should in turn make you feel more confident.

Try not to look at an interviewer as a decision-maker who controls your destiny. Look at him or her as someone who needs to be shown the way, someone with a problem that YOU can solve and bring him relief. Your shyness and low self esteem will disappear! Do not, however, go overboard with it. Speak to the interviewer as an equal, and you will do fine.

Follow this free job interview advice, and good luck with getting your dream job!

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