Job Interview Preparation

These job interview preparation tips are based to my personal experience of looking for a job in Toronto.

I have had around 7 job interviews, resulting in 2 job offers, which is a pretty good outcome!

My first job interview was a disaster - I wasn't familiar with the basics, and I shiver even now, after 4 years, when I remember it!

I went there without preparation, relying entirely on my qualifications, improvisation and natural skills.

I was self employed for many years before that, and I had no idea how to job interview.

Boy, was I wrong! I was taken aback by common questions, starting with the very first question - "tell me about yourself"! And all I did was just mumble. This job interview clearly went wrong from the very beginning, and only because I did not prepare myself.

Needless to say I didn't get the job.

Right after that disastrous interview, I took job interview preparation seriously, and started looking for information and developing my interview skills.

I read tons of books and websites, and passed my second job interview with flying colors!

These free job interview preparation tips are a summed up version of what I learnt throughout the years. I used these tips to prepare for all my interviews, and successfully used to find my second job.

I hope they will help you, too!

Job search tips and resources (FREE and $)

job search tips and resouces

I created this job search tips and resources page that contain useful books and websites showing how to job interview and containing a lot of other useful tips. You can always refer to it for all your job search needs and to practice your skills. I'll be adding more resources as I learn more, so I recommend bookmarking it for your convenience.

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Free job interview tips

a picture of a man and a woman during a job interview

So, you have had that magic call and you want to start preparing for a job interview. You know that it only takes 30 seconds to make a good first impression. If you make a bad first impression, it will be practically impossible to win the interviewer's respect. Studies have shown that the first impression an applicant makes on a prospective employer is very stable and influences the final decision. Take your job interview preparation seriously with these tips!

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Sample job interview questions and answers

a picture of job interview questions and answers

These are actual questions that I was asked on a number of occasions, and my answers to these questions. Apart from using these free job interview preparation tips, you should know your resume by heart, and be prepared to talk about your job responsibilities - no one knows them better than you! In fact, no one EVER asked me about my responsibilities - they are clearly described in a resume. Employers are really more interested in how you will do the job if they hire you than in how you did before. But you should keep them in mind to fall back on when answering job interview questions related to your duties.

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Dress for a job interview

a picture of a group of people dressed for job interview

Do not ignore job interview dress code - you could be the best candidate for the job and have strong interview skills, but if you are not dressed properly, you could make a wrong impression on the interviewer. Dress code is highly important for any job interview. Read these free job interview preparation tips about what you should wear and what you shouldn't to an interview.

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Job interview thank you letters

a picture of a Job interview thank you letter

Most job hunters know that they are supposed to write thank you letters after a job interview, but don't know how. Look at it this way - the employer spent his or her valuable time to meet you, so even if a thank you letter doesn't get you the job - it's a nice gesture, and will remind the employer about you. But will the interviewer read your craftily designed job interview thank you note? Read these free job interview preparation tips on how to write thank you letters so they get read.

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Job interview questions to ask

a picture of Job interview questions to ask

"Do you have any questions?" is one of the most feared job interview questions. And you HAVE to have questions to ask, otherwise they might not take you seriously. You should always prepare your questions in advance - prepare thoroughly, and do not leave any room for improvisation! Read these free job interview preparation tips what questions you should ask employers.

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Telephone job interviews

Telephone job interviews - a picture of a girl with a phnone

Telephone interviews do not surprise anyone nowadays, but passing them requires special skills. Telephone job interviews are common when an employer receives a lot of good resumes. This is their way to narrow down the pool of candidates. Those who pass the telephone interview with flying colors are usually invited to come for an interview personally. You should know how to job interview over a phone - treat them like just real interviews, and you will do fine. Read these tips on how to nail a telephone job interview.

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Free Job interview advice

a picture of a woman giving job interview advice

Interviewing can be very stressful, especially if you come with great expectations, and don't get a job offer the very first time. But this is not the end of the world! You could be the best fit for the job and have great skills, but someone simply interviews better than you or has more confidence. Read these free job interview preparation tips to learn how to job interview with confidence.

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These free job interview preparation tips may be all you need to land your dream job and teach you job interview basics. However, if you still are not confident enough, I recommend you these guides ($):

  • The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers: This guide will teach you what to tell interviewers, interview preparation questions and how to speak during your job interview to impress them. Simply tell them exactly what they WANT to hear, and the job is yours!
  • Job Interview Success System: Another guide containing useful job interview preparation tips that will show you how to avoid the mistakes most job seekers make and how to position yourself as the best candidate for the job.

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