Job Interview Questions To Ask The Interviewer

Good job interview questions to ask employers can be difficult to come up with. Unfortunately, it is impossible to write a one-size-fits-all set of great questions and to sound professional when you are asking them! There is only one definite recommendation - you should ALWAYS have questions to ask the interviewer!

For your overall confidence, I recommend you to prepare for your job interview with the The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers. It will teach you the most important skills: how to be confident; how to easily calm nerves or fear; how to use professional words; and most, importantly, how to get the interviewer to like you by telling them EXACTLY what they want to hear!

When I was interviewing in Toronto, I came up with a system of preparing job interview questions to ask employers that worked pretty well. Feel free to use these tips for inspiration to prepare your own questions.

The easiest way to prepare questions is as follows. Try to build your questions around 4 perspectives:

  1. The position

    Go through the job description you are interviewing for with a fine-tooth comb. Identify parts that are unclear to you. That would make a great question. If everything seems clear, build a question in such a way that it will ask how you can do this job better.

    Try to subtly make a suggestion on how you could improve something that the company does. For example, when I interviewed for a translator's position, I asked what computer-aided translation tools they used - that gave us the opportunity to discuss pros and cons of some tools, and I was able to suggest a cheaper alternative and sometimes a few tools they didn't know about. Asking about computer programs or any other tools the company uses will give you some basis for great questions to ask at interview.

    great questions to ask at interview - a picture saying questions and answers

    It is also a good idea to always ask why the position is available - maybe the person was promoted? Or left for another job? How often the position becomes available? This will give you an idea about opportunities of career advancement in the company.

  2. The company

    Naturally the company should be at the center of your questions. Always do your homework - research the company's website in its entirety before you start working on questions. Do not ask anything you can easily learn from the website. Ask how long the company has been in business, if appropriate (NOT a good idea with large and famous companies!).

    Ask about their expansion plans, long term goals. Demonstrate that you have done your homework - it makes a good impression.

  3. The department

    How many people work in the department? What the department's role in the company? Who will you report to?

  4. The interviewer

    What's her position in the company? If she is your future manager, ask about her management style. What she enjoys most about her job? Does she dislike anything? If she is a human resources manager, ask her what your future the manager's style is!

That's all it takes to prepare smart job interview questions to ask the interviewer. In the excitement of the moment, do not forget to ask when you will hear from them about their hiring decision, so you don't sit and wait for months. Ask for a phone number to follow up on in case you don't hear from them for a long time. Follow up at least in 2 weeks! Do not forget to send a thank you letter in about 24 hours after the job interview - it's a good gesture to show that you are still interested.

Best of luck with preparing your own good job interview questions to ask employers!

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