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I created this job search tips and resources page so you can always refer to it for all your job search needs.

I'll be adding more resources as I learn more, so I recommend bookmarking it for your convenience.

Please note that some of these job search tips and resources are affiliate links and I may or may not earn a commission if you purchase through those links.

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Top job search websites:

Job interview preparation
  • Indeed Jobs - is my top pick. This website find information about jobs posted in your city from all over other job boards. You do not need to go to multiple job boards - all you need to do it do a search on Canadian version of the site is

Job Search tips and resources: Resume and cover letter samples ($):

  • How to Write a Resume that Works - (FREE) Resume writing techniques every job seeker needs to know to generate a flood of interviews, increase your salary and fast-track your career.

  • Amazing Cover Letters: Your resume may or may not get read precisely because of the cover letter. If you send a boring "standard" cover letter to all the employers, you may job hunt for ages. A good cover letter is actually a "sales" letter - the one that gets the employer read your resume. But not everyone is a good writer, right? This ready-to- use, fully customizable cover letter templates where you only need to fill in the blanks will save you time and get your calendar flooded with job interviews!
  • Do-it-yourself Guide To Writing a Killer Resume: This is a self-study guide with tutorials, pre-formated resume templates, tips on avoiding mistakes and a bonus ebooks for creative job search strategies.

  • Get Started Now with e-resume.netjob search tips and resources: This company offers resume writing services. They are pretty expensive (but tax-deductible), so only hire them if you are really stuck or can't write a resume yourself. Still, they charge less than a one-day salary you might be getting with your new job you could find with the help of their resume writing service!

Job Search tips and resources: Job search engines, websites and portals (FREE):

  • - Find Your New Job Here - Start Your Free Search Now.job search tips and resources An Industry leading career portal for US and Canadian jobs, absolutely FREE - post your resume and get found by employers and employment agencies!

  • Post Your Resume for FREE at HotResumes.comjob search tips and resources: This is a resume search database. Simply post your resume and get found by employers and employment agencies! Absolutely FREE for job seekers.

  • One of the leading job search engines for USA jobs. You do not need to browse multiple job search boards - they all end up on Indeed jobs! Simply enter your keyword and location and get access to all job postings in the area. For Canadian jobs try

  • LinkedIn Influence Guide ($): We can no longer ignore the power of Linkedin networking. This is the ultimate career/networking job search website. This linkedin networking guide will show you the ropes of successful use of the worlds largest professional network!

Job Search tips and resources: Mass-mail your targeted resume ($):

  • E-Mail your Resume and Cover Letter to 1000's of Headhuntersjob search tips and resources: Emailing your resume over and over is an ungrateful and time-consuming task. This neat resume distribution service can do it for you.

Job Search tips and resources: Interview ($)

  • The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers: This guide will teach you what to tell interviewers and how to tell it to impress them. Simply tell them exactly what they WANT to hear, and the job is yours!

  • Job Interview Success System: Another guide that will show you how to avoid the mistakes most job seekers make and how to position yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Useful Websites (FREE)

  • How to find your dream career
    This is the place where you find career issues like finding the perfect job, changing your career, writing a good resume, but also other information, tips, samples and templates about correspondence, language, travel, meeting minutes and much more.

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