Jobs in Toronto: Is It Easy To Find A Job?

"Are there many jobs in Toronto?", "Is it easy to find a job?" - are two questions that asks every potential immigrant who wants to immigrate to Canada and settle in Toronto.

The answers are simple - Yes, there are plenty of employment opportunities in Toronto.

And No, it's not super easy to find a job - at least, no one is waiting for you with 5 job offers so you could choose from them.

You can check if the jobs in Toronto you are interested in are posted right now.

Simply enter your profession in the left field and "Toronto" in the right. Check how many results are found.

Then do the same for other cities you are interested in, for example, "Vancouver" or "Montreal".

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However, while it's not easy to find jobs in Toronto, it's not too difficult either if you are looking for a job the right way.

Depending on the profession, popularity of a company and other requirements of the position, for every job posted companies receive on average 100 - 500 applications!

And keep in mind, that before a job is posted, they always attempt to fill in the position from "within" the company - promote someone, hire a temp or a volunteer whom they already know, or ask their employees to recommend someone for this position.

Only when no one is found, they post a job on one of job boards.

The main obstacle to finding jobs in Toronto for potential immigrants is the lack of so-called Canadian experience. However, this obstacle is not insurmountable. Read articles below to learn how to deal with it.

What you need to be able to find jobs in Toronto

So in order to find employment in Toronto quickly, you need the following:

  • A resume that stands out both visually and shows you in the best light possible- adapted for every single position you apply for
  • An amazing cover letter that explains WHY you are the best candidate and WHAT you can do for the company
  • Knowledge of a few strategies of finding a job outlined below
  • Getting your "foot in the door" - obtaining your first Canadian experience

Toronto Job Search Tips

Toronto job search tips

This article outlines strategies that I used when looking for jobs in Toronto. I did not invent anything - I simply read a lot of articles and recommendations I found on many Canadian job search websites, and in this article I summed up the methods that worked for me and for my friends.

Read Toronto Job Search Tips

Job search tips and resources

Job search tips and resources

This job search tips page contains many resources, e-books, websites and other tools that help people looking for a job. You can always refer to it for all your job search needs. I'll be adding more resources as I learn more, so I recommend bookmarking it for your convenience.

Read Job search tips and resources

City Of Toronto Jobs - Learn How To Find a Job in Toronto the Easy Way!

Top job search websites

In this article I described how to use job search engines to your advantage. You do not need to browse multiple job boards or employers' websites. You can use, for example, that searches for jobs on various job boards and websites. If you use it efficiently, it can save you a lot of time that you can spend preparing for an interview, or for other job search methods.

Read City of Toronto Jobs

Toronto Employment Agencies

Toronto employment agencies- a map of Canada

In this article I describe a few tips and tricks on how to work with Toronto headhunters. For example do not apply to all positions advertised by them - it's their trick to get resumes. You will also learn how get discovered by Toronto employment agencies.

Read Toronto Employment Agencies

Free Job Interview Preparation Tips

a picture of a job interview

When you finally get that magic call for an interview, read these job interview preparation tips. You will learn how to prepare for a phone interview, what to wear, and even read sample job interview questions and answers.

Read Free Job Interview Preparation Tips

God luck with finding jobs in Toronto!

Are you an immigrant and have found employment in Toronto already? How easy or difficult was it to find it?

Share your success story! You can even add pictures if they illustrate your point! Thanks from all the current and future immigrants who are looking for tips!

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