Amazing Niagara Falls Pictures And Video

On these Niagara Falls pictures you can see both the pictures of the falls themselves and the pictures of the most popular Niagara Falls attractions.

Niagara Falls is perhaps the most popular waterfalls attraction in the world.

Certainly, it's not just because of the breathtaking beauty of the walls.

Some time around the 18th century, tourism became very popular.

People quickly realized how great it would be to build other tourist attractions around natural wonders.

Today, Niagara Falls is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

There are many attractions in Niagara Falls that please both adults and kids.

If you are in Toronto, it would be silly not to visit Niagara Falls. You could either rent a car and drive there yourself, or book a tour.

Tip: When you come to Niagara Falls, do not pay individually for each attraction. There are many passes available that will give you up to 50% discounts!

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Niagara Falls Video

Niagara Falls Pictures - The Amazing View of The Falls

Some of these pictures were taken by Kate Kraverska, others by me.

Niagara Falls in autumn is gorgeous! This is American side of the falls:

Niagara Falls in autumn

This is also American side of the falls:

Niagara Falls American side

This picture is a close up of the Canadian side of the falls, or Horseshoe:

Niagara Falls  close up of the Canadian side of the falls, or Horseshoe

If you want a really close view, you can use binoculars:

Niagara Falls binoculars

Another close up:

Niagara Falls

At night, the falls light up:

Niagara Falls At night

Notice the mist over the falls:

Niagara Falls mist over the falls

Tourists on the observation deck:

Tourists in Niagara Falls

In sunny weather, there is always a rainbow over Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls rainbow

At a certain angle, you can notice two rainbows over the falls:

Niagara Falls two rainbows

This is American side of the Falls. The tiny falls on the right is called Bridal Veil:

Niagara Falls American side of the Falls

This is one of my favorite bird! It's a Niagara Falls seagull that loves to pose for pictures. Many tourists take a picture with it, and it doesn't fly away!

Niagara Falls seagull

There are always plenty of people admiring the Falls:

Niagara Falls

You can see a few hotels in Niagara Falls - Embassy Suites and Tower Hotel:

Niagara Falls Embassy Suites and Tower Hotel

Many hotels are located on Fallsview boulevard, along the observation deck, only minutes away from the fall. If you book a Fallview room, you can actually see the falls from your hotel's window.

Niagara Falls hot

Niagara Falls Pictures - Attractions

The most interesting attractions in Niagara Falls are located on Clifton Hill:

Niagara Falls Clifton Hill

All the attractions are so close to each other, you can walk out of one and walk into another right away:

Niagara Falls attractions

This is a relatively new attraction: A miniature Dinosaur Golf. Unfortunately, it does not work in winter:

Niagara Falls miniature Dinosaur Golf Niagara Falls miniature Dinosaur Golf

This is a great fun house for kids, but adults enjoy it too!

Niagara Falls fun house

This sloping floor in the fun house makes you feel like you are surviving a ship wreck. Seriously, it's hard to keep balance in this room, but you need to cross it to exit. I had to go back and take a picture:

Niagara Falls fun house

This is one of my favorites - ghost blasters. In reality, they are in 3D, but my camera wasn't able to capture it. You need to shoot into red lights to "kill" the ghosts that jump out from different corners:

Niagara Falls ghost blasters

I've never dared into this haunted house, but people swear it's super scary!

Niagara Falls haunted house

Inside the Guinness World Records Niagara Falls museum:

Guinness World Records Niagara Falls

Lazer Maze - another popular attraction for kids:

Niagara Falls Lazer Maze

If you haven't been to a Rainforest Cafe, you should! It's a cafe filled with real-size toy animals, jungle sounds and noises, kids love it:

Niagara Falls Rainforest Cafe

This is a view of the fall from the Ferris Wheel, or Niagara SkyWheel:

view of Niagara Falls from the Ferris Wheel

This is a wax museum with primarily characters from Hollywood blockbusters:

Niagara Falls wax museum

Wendy's is one of multiple cafes in Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls Wendy's cafe

I hope you enjoyed these Niagara Falls pictures! Please tell us about your stay in Niagara Falls and share your pictures, too!

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