Ontario Science Centre

Fancy Ontario Science Centre, whether you love science or not!

Don't worry, nobody will teach you lessons! The centre is one of 5 top Toronto attractions that is included in the Toronto CityPass, which gives you a 45% discount for visiting all 5 attractions in 9 days!

If you are looking for things to do in Toronto, these top Toronto attractions are a must see, especially if you are staying in Toronto only for a few days!

Address: 770 Don Mills Road at the corner of Eglinton Avenue East in Toronto

Phone number: 416-696-3127

Admission fee: $20.00 (adults), $16.00 (youth), $13.00 (children)

Toronto IMAX admission fee: $13.00(adults), $9.00 (child, senior, youth)

Admission fee for Centre + IMAX: $28.00 (adults), $22.00 (youth), $19.00 (child)

Parking: $8

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you will get 45% off for 5 Toronto tourist attractions!

Why visit Ontario Science Centre - by Life In Toronto City Guide

I wish I visited Ontario Science Centre more often! They have so many exhibitions, it's impossible to see them all in one day. What I like about the centre is that they always come up with new entertainment that can please kids and seniors alike! As if that's not enough, they have lots of special events that they change all the time. Right now they are playing a Live CSI Interactive Performance, for example, so the audience can pretend to be detectives and witnesses in a crime scene.

Pity it's not for my 5 year old, who still thinks the worst "crime" is cheating and stealing! But he surely enjoys banging things together to listen to the sound they make, and watching bees make honey, so I am following his lead!

Ontario Science Centre - Highlights

Stuff for kids
Ontario Science Centre

As the name implies, they have lots of stuff for kids ages 3 +. Kids can create music on a fountain, or loud noises by banging things together to learn how sound is made. They can play in a mini-supermarket and practice their math skills, or learn about electricity and about human body. They can use the aging machine to find out if they are going to grow looking like you (and you can find out what you will look like when you get old).

Stuff for teens
Ontario Science Center

Teens can delve into the mysteries of the human brain, test their memory and problem solving skills and even experience the chemistry of flirting (with a computer screen for now!). Teens will definitely get a kick out of the Space hall with little cosmos models and pictures, and out of the Live Planetarium Show where they can explore the night sky.

Stuff for bench warmers

Those who don't like long walks, can sit down in nearly any hall and take part in the action just by sitting and "drinking in" the science around them!

Toronto IMAX Dome theatre

The laziest bench warmers can go directly into the Toronto IMAX Dome theatre, plunge into a cushy seat and enjoy a scientific movie on a screen 4,500 times bigger than an average TV screen. Make sure to check the movies schedule. As of writing this page in August 2011, they are playing IMAX Hubble, Tornado Alley, and Under the Sea.

Tip: Unfortunately, Toronto IMAX theatre is not included in the Toronto CityPass
Ontario Science Centre Rain Forest
Ontario Science Centre: Hothouse Waterfall

The rain forest is probably my favorite part of the Centre! Part of the Living Earth hall, the live rain forest filled with real plants and animals is a nice break from the Canadian landscape!

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