Free Phone Interview Tips

Take these phone interview tips to heart! You should realize that telephone job interviews are usually scheduled with one purpose - to screen the candidates.

This type of interviews are becoming more and more common, so if you are not preparing and are just relying on your improvisation skills - you have little chance to pass them.

Such interview could make or break your next job offer. Therefore, you should take these free phone interview tips seriously and treat telephone job interviews exactly how you would treat a regular interview.

Remember that you have a major advantage here - you can actually sit in front of your computer, or print out and use your notes, answers and questions - something you would be unable to during a regular interview!

Phone interview tips - When you have the first call:

It doesn't happen often, but if they want to interview you immediately, do everything to convince them to schedule an interview for a later date. You can tell them that you are away from town, or at work, even if you are home right now. Do not agree to be interviewed right away - you need time to prepare. They will always agree, and you can't "fail" an interview by postponing it until you are ready.

In fact, when I had my first telephone job interview in Canada (and no one game me any phone interview tips!), I was home with a sick 1,5 year old son who suffered from fever and was actually sitting on my lap as I answered questions. I was too afraid to tell the caller that I wasn't able to talk right now! She figured it out herself and asked if she should better call tomorrow. After that, I am not afraid to ask.

Ask who will be interviewing you and write down the name of the person(s) and memorize it so you can call him or her by name during the interview.

Phone Interview Tips - Write down your answers

phone job interviews - 
preparing for a phone interview

As soon as you schedule an interview, go through your resume and write a more or less detailed "story" about your past job experience. Try to answer the following questions in the resume about each of your position: 1. What did you like best, 2. What you disliked, 3. What was your greatest achievement. Use these notes to build your answers around them, if the interviewer wants to discuss your previous jobs.

Phone Interview Tips - Prepare answers to common questions in advance

Prepare answers for common job interview questions. Feel free to use my answers as a model to build your own upon.

I highly recommend you the The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers. Although it's not specifically about phone interview tips, it will teach you the most important skills: how to be confident; how to easily calm nerves or fear; how to use professional words; and most, importantly, how to get the interviewer to like you by telling them EXACTLY what they want to hear! It will certainly help you with telephone job interviews.

Phone Interview Tips - Print out your prompts

Print out your "stories" and ready-made answers, or open the files on the computer and have them ready. I think that reading notes on a computer is more discreet, as the interviewers might be able to hear you go through your printed notes during the interview.

Phone Interview Tips - Do your research

Research the employer's website thoroughly. Try to find out some information about the interviewer - how long she's been working, what her position is, does she have any articles or book published. Research those if yes. It will be a great chance to demonstrate your knowledge about the subject AND show the interviewer that you have done your home work!

Phone Interview Tips - Prepare questions to ask

Prepare interview questions to ask employers during the interview and in the end.

Phone Interview Tips - Practice with a friend

Ask a family member or a friend to read you the questions and practice answering them in a casual manner so you don't sound like you are reading during your interview. Try reading them before the mirror. You do not have to memorize your answers - you can refer to your notes!

Phone Interview Tips - Dress comfortably

Get dressed in comfortable clothes before your interview start - you do not have to look "professional", since nobody will be able to see you, but you surely will feel more confident if you wear something business casual instead of your pj's and slippers!

Phone Interview Tips - Relax before the interview

Try to relax 15 minutes before the call. Sit comfortably in a chair at your desk - do not lie on a sofa, do not get too comfortable - you should feel like you are at an actual job interview instead of your home.

Phone Interview Tips - Send a job interview thank you note

Around 24 hours after the interview send the interviewer a job interview thank you letter. Do not expect any reply and do not get discouraged if they don't reply - they probably receive hundreds of those letters.

After that, if you used our phone interview tips, you will have a great idea what the job is about and whether you still want it or not. If you pass your this interview with flying colors, a real interview will be a breather.

Don't be upset if they don't call you back or don't invite you for the next interview - remember that they screen dozens, if not hundreds of candidates. Consider this interview a good practice, and move on.

Good luck with your interview! We hope our phone interview tips will help you pass your job interview with flying colors!

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