Ten Romantic Toronto Destinations

If you're looking for the perfect getaway for a honeymoon, or simply a romantic weekend, then Toronto may be just the place.

Affordable, exotic, and just a plane ticket away, Toronto offers all the amenities a couple could want.

Everything from the best hotels to art galleries and restaurants are among the attractions.

Following are a few romantic Toronto destinations.

Romantic Toronto Destinations - Ethnic Neighborhoods

Little Italy Neighborhood in Toronto

Toronto is a diverse city, with many ethnic neighborhoods scattered throughout the city, any of which could provide the romantic atmosphere you're looking for in a Toronto getaway.

Boasting a variety of cultural experiences, visiting ethnic Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Indian, Chinese, and Greek neighborhoods will provide you with a taste of overseas culture within the confines of one exciting city. Check out some of tours that will take you to the unique cultural neighborhoods.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma castle in Toronto

Built by the colorful Canadian financier, Sir Henry Pellatt, Casa Loma resembles a medieval castle.

It has more than 100 rooms and was the largest private residence in Toronto when it was constructed.

Unlike a lot of other museums, Casa Loma doesn't require you to take a guided tour. Instead you pay a fee and leisurely stroll through at your own pace. more about Casa Loma.

Romantic Toronto Destinations - Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum Toronto

The Royal Ontario Museum is the largest museum in Canada.

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum contains special exhibits, which are rotated periodically, as well as more permanent displays, such as the dinosaur gallery.

The museum has undergone a substantial renovation in recent years. More about Royal Ontario Museum.

St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market in Toronto

One of the major attractions for a romantic getaway in Toronto is the St. Lawrence Market.

It is filled with cheese shops, bakeries, meat sellers, and fishmongers.

You can also buy specialty items, such as jams and honey. While you're there it is possible to pick up a souvenir, such as a unique photograph, handmade custom jewelry, or other craft items. Check out some of Toronto tours that can take to St. Lawrence Market.

Romantic Toronto Destinations - Kensington Market

Kensington Market in Toronto

Kensington Market has a more Old World atmosphere. You can visit used furniture stores, as well as vintage clothes stores.

It is a multi-cultural community filled with custom shops and art galleries. There are also specialty food stores and restaurants.

The Kensington Market became a National Historic Site in 2006. Check out some of tours that will take you to Kensington Market

Bata Shoe Museum

Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto

This museum holds the distinction of being a very special place--it may be the only museum devoted entirely to shoes in the whole world.

Comprised of three entire floors of shoes, the Bata Shoe Museum is distinctively different. Not only can you see shoes from famous people, such as Elvis Presley's blue suede shoes, or Princess Diana's high heels, the museum has footwear from 'normal' people dating back centuries.

Antique wooden sandals from Egypt, including beaded moccasins intricately created by Native Americans, are on hand in addition to footwear from India, China, and Siberia.

Romantic Toronto Destinations - Gardiner Museum

Gardiner Museum in Toronto

A more traditional museum, the Gardiner Museum is home to 5,000 year old pre-Columbian artifacts, as well as more recent works of art.

It boasts a restaurant on the top floor that will provide a delicious meal if you need to take a break.

The museum houses a large collection of ceramic work from around the world that is a tremendous attraction.

Distillery District

Distillery District in Toronto

A National Historic Site, the Distillery District is a cobblestone-covered area that isn't open to vehicle traffic.

You can stroll along gazing at the sites without fear of being run over by a car or truck.

You can take lunch in one of the specialty restaurants or pick up a pastry at a bakery and eat as you walk. The Distillery District is home to numerous artist's studios and designer shops. You can even take in a live performance.Check out some of tours that will take you to Distillery District.

Romantic Toronto Destinations - Canoe Restaurant

Toronto Dominion Bank

A unique restaurant, Canoe sits atop the Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower. The 56-story tower is a landmark in the downtown area.

Canoe offers an awe-inspiring view of the city as well as Lake Ontario.

You can enjoy the regional Canadian cuisine while oohing and aahing over the sights of the city, and beyond.

Toronto Island Ferry

Toronto Centre island amusement park

If your tastes run more to lakes and vistas instead of buildings, you can take a ride on one of the many tour boats that cruise the harbor. T

he Toronto Island Ferry is one of the best. It offers regular trips to the nearby islands where you can visit the Centreville Amusement Park, Franklin Children's Garden, or Gibraltar Point Lighthouse.

You can also relax on a beach, play some volleyball, or rent a small boat or a bicycle. You can also play a round of golf or play tennis while you're on the Islands.

Guest post from Jaime Castle. Jaime writes for OnlineDating.org.