Toronto Apartment Rentals

Toronto apartment rentals is the most common type of living for newly landed immigrants. In most cases, immigrants rent an apartment for 1-3 years. Then, once they have enough money to afford it, they buy a house or a condo.

Toronto apartment rentals is the most common type of living for newly landed immigrants. In most cases, immigrants rent an apartment for 1-3 years. Then, once they have enough money to afford it, they buy a house or a condo.

Apartment buildings in Toronto are usually tall, 10 stories and up. They often include multiple amenities - a swimming pool, gym, a playground for kids, but this is not the rule. There are apartment buildings without any amenities, and those are usually cheaper.

a picture Toronto apartments for rent in Bathurst street

Some swimming pools are inside the building and you can swim there all year long. Others are outside, and the building managers usually open them only for 2 months - from July to August.

(Swimming pool in your building is a great place to make friends and network!). Although the water, to my taste, is a little bit cold in an outside swimming pool.

If you have little kids and are looking for apartments in Toronto, make sure there is a park with a playground nearby! If you haven't yet, read the page about where to live in Toronto for more tips on choosing the right Toronto neighborhood.

Typical apartment buildings in the North York neighborhood in Toronto:

Toronto apartments for rent - a picture of apartment buildings in North York

Toronto apartment rentals- Condominium vs. apartment building

Many new immigrants in Toronto are confused when they hear the words "condominium" and "condo". I know I was! Well condo and apartment are the same thing. Condominium is an apartment building.

The difference is that condos in condominiums are owned by people like me and you, while apartment buildings are owned by companies. "Condo" is an apartment that you bought in a condominium.

An "apartment" you rent in the apartment building. Of course, nothing stops you from renting a condo, but then you will be dealing with a person who owns this condo, and not with a building manager. Toronto condo rentals can be slightly more expensive than renting an apartment.

It is often hard to tell whether a building is a condominium or an apartment building by just looking at them, but I think that condominiums tend to be more beautiful.

If you buy a condo in Toronto, you might have to pay monthly maintenance fees. But that's a subject for another page.

Typical modern apartment buildings and condominiums in Downtown Toronto:

Toronto apartments for rent - a picture of condominiums in Downtown Toronto

How to find Toronto apartment rentals?

The easiest way to find Toronto apartment rentals is online. Be sure to explore multiple websites and the PadMapper tool, and do not forget to research Toronto neighborhoods before you decide where to rent an apartment.

If you already are in the city, you can find Toronto apartment rentals simply by walking or driving in the desired neighborhoods. In front of practically every apartment building there is a billboard where the building managers advertise when an apartment is available.

How much are Toronto apartment rentals?

Toronto apartments for rent - a picture of an apartment building

Apartments in Toronto vary in price depending on the number of bedrooms, size or neighborhood where the apartment is located. An average rent of a 1-bedroom apartment is $900, 2-bedroom apartment is $1,100 per month, and a 3-bedroom is $1,300. Rent of a studio can cost as low as $ 600 in the suburb, or as high as $1,600 in the busy Downtown Toronto.

This rent amount sometimes includes utilities, such as hydro (electricity), and water. Sometimes utilities are not included. Rent is usually cheaper in a certain Toronto neighborhood if utilities are not included. Therefore it is VERY important to know it before you sign an agreement! But the building manager will tell you anyway.

Which is better? That depends. If you rent an apartment where everything is included, you may use as much hydro and water as you like, no one will tell you anything. But if you pay utilities separately, you might want to save.

If you are like me (environment-conscious), you would probably feel better paying your own utilities so you are not tempted to waste hydro. Many people in Toronto may have their air conditioner on AND open windows in summer, because they do not care.

You might need to do some research about Toronto neighborhoods before you immigrate to Canada. Some neighborhoods are safer than others.

You can find out more about prices of Toronto apartments for rent by clicking on the red bubbles on the Padmapper. This useful tool takes information from several apartment rental websites and it plots that information on to a Google map.

Once you research Toronto neighborhoods and decide where you want to live in Toronto, you can use PadMapper to find out what Toronto apartment rentals are available.