Toronto Buskerfest

by Svetlana

Artist at Toronto Buskerfest

Artist at Toronto Buskerfest

Artist at Toronto Buskerfest Insects at Toronto Buskerfest Man on stilts at Toronto Buskerfest Clown at Toronto buskerfest

Toronto Buskerfest is an annual festival that marks the end of the summer festival season in Toronto.

This event is organized by Scotiabank, in support of Epilepsy Toronto. The purpose of this colorful festival is to raise awareness and to raise money for people living with Epilepsy. You may want to give donation at the entrance.

Toronto Buskerfest takes place at the St. Lawrence Market neighborhood, in the end of August.

During the festival, you can see hundreds of street performers perform in various places of St. Lawrence Market. There are clowns, jugglers, dancers, and any other performer you can imagine! Some of them, you can't even imagine:-)

They don't have any schedule - so you have no idea where the next performer will appear. As soon as they appear in some sudden place, they start pitching and you need to come close as fast as possible, because a crowd quickly gathers and you won't be able to see anything.

That's really a downside of the festival. They definitely need to build some stages so people can see them better from far.

The 2011 Toronto Buskerfest that we attended was really colorful - just see the pictures!

My favorite part was the alien insects - they were actually really spooky, and our kids (mine and my friends') were a bit scared.

The insects were fun to look at from far - they would come close to trees and pretend to chew on the leaves, haha! But when they approached me, I could hear that weird sound, like a buzz from outer space, and that gave me shivers.

They would even come close to some people and "buzz" a little bit to scare them some more. It actually did feel like you are in some "alien invasion" movie, and there's a spaceship somewhere there.

The great detail was the man on stilts who played kind of a "shepherd" of these alien insects. He would hurry them with his stick, or shoo them away from people and trees, which was kind of funny.

All in all, Toronto Buskerfest is an interesting festival, although some people are bothered by the fact that they raise money and harass you for donation, but we didn't mind - for a good cause!

If you are from out of town and you would like to attend Toronto Buskerfest, there are 2 hotels within walking distance from St. Lawrence market that offer discounts during the festival. You might want to inquire about the discount!

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