Toronto House Rentals - Information and Tips For Immigrants and Newcomers

Toronto house rentals is a great alternative to apartment rentals.

Many Torontonians prefer to live in houses instead of condos and apartments. Even newcomers from very urban cities from Russia or China who always lived in apartments before, sooner or later decide to buy or rent a house.

Many people choose to rent a house, or a basement apartment in Toronto instead of buying a house.

If you are a new immigrant, you most likely would be interested in Toronto house rentals, instead of buying a house. You will have time to buy when you find a job and make some money for a down-payment!

There are several types of houses in Toronto. The most common types are bungalow, townhouse, two-story semi-detached house and two-story detached house.

a picture of houses in Toronto

Practically all types of houses in Toronto have another story - a basement. They do not necessarily have to be wet and dark, as some newcomers imagine. However, it is often the case.

Some basements have enough light to live in and are very dry. They are usually used as an extra living space by the homeowners, or as libraries, billiard rooms, and they almost always have a small room for a washer and a dryer to do laundry in.

Toronto house rentals often include basement apartments. Sometimes homeowners finish their basements, turn them into basement apartments and rent them out. Or, they buy a house and turn it out entirely into a house for rent.

Finished basement apartments usually look like regular apartments, but they a bit darker because of the smaller windows. They usually have a toilet, a shower, one or two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen.

This is a kitchen in my basement apartment in Toronto:

A picture of a kitchen in a basement apartment in Toronto

And this is a living room in my basement apartment in Toronto:

a picture of a living room in a basement apartment in Toronto

Often, basement apartments have a separate entrance, so the tenants might never meet the homeowners. But this is not a rule - many basement tenants use the same doors as homeowners, which is an inconvenience.

For a family with kids, Toronto house rentals may be very good alternative to renting an apartment.

They won't have to go to a park to walk with the kids - they can play right in the backyard, and older kids can ride bikes or skateboard right in the street, provided the area is quiet!

This is a view from my backyard - the area is extremely quiet, no cars, so many kids play soccer or ride bikes right here

a picture of a view from a backyard in a house in Toronto

If you come to Toronto alone, you might be interested in renting a room in a house, or renting an entire basement apartment. It might actually be cheaper than renting a studio or a 1-bedroom apartment in a building.

Prices for Toronto house rentals or basement apartment rentals vary according to the number of bedrooms, size, and the neighborhood.

Usually, they should not exceed the price of renting an apartment, because the homeowners either rent out part of the house and live in another part, or rent it out to more than one family. This covers the costs of their monthly mortgage payment.

a picture of bungalow houses in Toronto

The average rent of a basement apartment in Toronto is $ 700 CAD, and of one upper store - $1 300. Renting a room may cost around $ 400.

Remember, however, that the prices of Toronto house rentals may vary considerably and explore all the alternatives of Toronto house rentals to make the best decision that suits your family needs.

When you rent a basement apartment or a room in a house, you deal with the homeowner. Homeowners are usually more flexible than apartment building managers when it comes to your credit history check.

Usually, homeowners pay the utilities themselves. However, they will not enjoy it very much if you stay home all the time, because you will be consuming a lot of hydro.

They prefer to rent their basements to single people who work and only come home in the evening.

It is not profitable for homeowners to rent the basement to a family of 3, staying home all day long, watching TV and having light on (as it's a bit dark in the basements).

If you decided to go with the Toronto house rental, always check the basement apartment for mold, smell and other inconveniences.

While many basements are great to live in, some homeowners don't take care of them.

If you are renting a room or a whole house, you do not need to worry about the mold. Houses are usually pretty dry!

However, do make sure that the furnace and the water heater they are using is new, as they are more efficient and consume less hydro(less than 10 year old, 5 preferably). If you rent a house with an old furnace, you will end up spending a lot of money on hydro.

If something break in the house, it is the homeowner's duty to fix it, unless it's your fault of course.

I highly recommend that you sign a basic agreement with the homeowner clearly defining your rights and duties so you can protect yourself.

Before you make a decision, be sure to explore Toronto house rentals, so you do not end up living in a moldy wine cellar and sleeping on a rotten mattress instead of living in a normal basement apartment.

Our friends spent a few months in such a rat's nest, as a curtsey of their other "friends"!

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