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These Toronto job search tips are intended for immigrants trying to find a first job in the city. You do not need luck to find a job in Toronto. What you REALLY need is persistence, organization, familiarity with job search methods+++, and having a knock out resume and a cover letter that you can tweak based on specific job requirements.

Before you start using these Toronto job search methods, you should already have a knock-out resume and a cover letter that you can easily tweak according to job requirements.

So all you need is find an advertised position that you REALLY like, and send your updated resume and cover letter in a way specified in the job posting.

Be sure to do a little research and address your cover letter to the person in charge of hiring.

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Toronto job search tips: sure ways

Use the top job search websites in Canada. There is no one single website in Toronto where all employers advertise their positions. There are multiple websites, some of them are general, others are related to a specific industry or sector. Some employers also publish their jobs on their own websites. There are two top job search websites that capture around 90% (roughly - my estimate) of jobs in Canada, posted anywhere on other job boards or employers' websites. These websites are and There is also that finds jobs only posted directly on employers' websites. Check out tips how to use these websites.

Work with employment agencies. Yes, their main task is to serve the interests of the employer and not yours. Therefore they only look for top candidates.

However if you create a compelling resume, and if you interview with them really well, there is a high chance that they will recommend you to an employer. Take interview with agencies just as seriously as with an employer during your Toronto job search. I was able to find 2 jobs with the help of job placement agencies!

Create a VERY complete profile on This is a career networking website that grows at an incredible speed. It is sort of an alternative to the latest buzzword "networking".

Your profile there will serve as your resume, and your business card. To start your job search, be sure to join professional groups in Toronto in the key sectors that you are interested in. You will need to do some research to find industries you are interested, and not all industries have discussion groups. Participate in the discussions in these groups.

Job search in Toronto

MANY employers in Toronto nowadays do not bother posting their jobs on job boards. They post their jobs directly on, or directly find there potential employees. Job hunters, too, are now getting the hang of networking on LinkedIn as part of their Toronto job search.

LinkedIn is the most powerful professional social media website, and you shouldn't ignore it. If you want to learn to use it successfully in your career, I recommend you the LinkedIn Influence Guide. It's a really powerful guide that will teach you the advanced professional networking skills (do NOT confuse with schmoozing!), that anyone needs to be able to advance their career. It's definitely helpful in your Toronto job search.

*As soon as I updated my profile on LinkedIn, I received several proposals to "collaborate" from employment agencies!

Upload a long version of your resume on,, Many employment agencies browse resumes using specific keywords. Make sure that this version of your resume contains many keywords and their synonyms.

*This Toronto job search method worked for me - I received dozens of calls from job placement agencies who found me on one of the job search websites, and trough one of them I actually was able to find a job.

Compile a list of industries you are interested in, identify employers, find their websites, bookmark their "jobs" web pages and monitor them regularly. Most of the websites also have an option to subscribe to new job postings using specific keywords, so this way you will always know when a job you a interested in comes up.

*This Toronto job search method did not work for me as well as I hoped it would, but that had something to do with my specific keywords - "french", "bilingual" and "publications", while I subscribed to email updates in the sectors that rarely had "publications" type of jobs (such as health industry). However, I can see a great potential in this method if you are not as picky about industries AND keywords as me!

Network! Yes, you probably are new in Toronto and maybe do not know anyone, but as soon as you meet someone, DO let them know what your profession is and that you are looking for a job in Toronto, and they can help you with your Toronto job search. If you do not mention, nobody will know, right?

And believe it or not, people do like to help other people a lot. If you mention this to many people, there is a very good chance that someone will hear about a certain position, and will let you know.

* I have sent and received many "leads" this way. Although this method didn't help me, I know a few people who found a job in Toronto through networking alone.

*When I just came to Toronto from Israel, I found a Jewish community centre. There are many community centres in the city that offer many services, including career counseling, and they can find you a job through networking with employers from your own community.

This way I landed one job interview with a Jewish businessman who sold kitchen appliances. Well, this one turned out to be a major disaster for me (I hate kitchen appliances!), it was the mismatch of the century! But that doesn't mean it won't work for you. So try to find your community and they might help you with your Toronto job search.

Volunteering is a great way to start your Toronto job search! In certain circumstances, it could be a good idea for you to start volunteering in Toronto to get some Canadian experience. It will also give you a great opportunity to network, as you will meet many new people. Opportunities to volunteer are endless. You could find a company in your specialty that accepts volunteers - for example, a lawyer could use services of a volunteer to help file the documents. You could find opportunities to volunteer on Charityvillage


Once you start volunteering, you can mention this experience on your resume, and it will be considered a Canadian experience that many employers are looking for.

And here is one more recommendation for your Toronto job search. Not many people really like it, therefore I recommend it with much caution. Please remember that this does not necessarily apply to you, but if you feel that you've got stuck and cannot find a job in Toronto for 3-4 months, try this method.

Sometimes being "overqualified" can slow down your job search, especially if you are an new immigrant. Try to hide some of your credentials and degrees, reduce the years of experience and the level of authority from your previous jobs in your home country. Apply for "experienced" types of jobs instead of managing positions, or "entry level" instead of "experienced".

Try to tone down a little your previous experience. For example, if you were supervising stuff, write that you were a "coordinator". If you were a "director", write that you were a "manager", etc.

Your task is to get your foot in the door, and once you have some Canadian experience, you can start applying for more advanced and interesting positions and find a job that you deserve.

Keep in mind that employers are very specific about their requirements. For example, if they write that a minimum education level of a BA is required and you have an MA, the employer might think that he won't be able to offer you the salary you deserve, and will call someone who is less of a fit for the job than you are, but only has a bachelor's degree.

Therefore, if everything else is a perfect match, simply write that you have a BA. You DO have it, after all, so you are not exactly lying! You can write the truth when you have some Canadian experience and start your Toronto job search again!

However, do try to find a job that you deserve first. I know several people who landed managing positions in Toronto practically a few days after immigration. And I know people who were conducting Toronto job search for a long time before they found the job they wanted.

One of my friends actually followed my last advice after 6 or 7 months of unsuccessful Toronto job search. I toned down her resume just a bit, tweaked it, replaced the word "procurement manager" with "procurement administrator", and a Master's degree by a Bachelor's degree.

She got a call to an interview and was able to land a job in with the first attempt of sending an updated resume! It was over 3 years ago and she still works there, and she received a promotion she deserved.

Would you like more Toronto job search tips? Read tips written by real new immigrants who generously shared their stories with you here. Once you find your first job in the city, please pay it forward by writing your story!

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