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by E, V.

Yes, there are a lot of jobs in Toronto! Every immigrant has his/her own Toronto job search experience. Some people were lucky enough to get a job in Toronto quickly; some went through hell to get it.


Not so long time ago, I was a new comer myself. Second day of my stay in Canada I went to register my daughter for school and a lady from school board asked me if she can give my phone number to Catholic Community Services of York Region.

The same day somebody from that community called me and invited to attend a job search workshop organized by them. As I had plenty of free time I decided to attend this workshop. They were teaching how to search for a job on-line, how to apply for a specific position, how to write cover letter and resume, how to behave during interview.

I thought I knew all these things, but to my biggest surprise I learn a lot of useful tips. I was pretty sure that it will be not difficult for me to find a job as I was experienced and educated. Every time I was applying for a job, on my resume I tried to emphasize the required skills for particular position (that was tip number one I learned from the workshop).

For instance: while applying for an office job I would not describe much my teaching experience, I would rather focus on my administrative skills.

I went through many interviews in Toronto without any success. Why? It was not difficult to realize that every time they were asking me about Canadian experience the interview was becoming a FIASCO.

I knew exactly what kind of job I wanted and I didn’t want to give up my dreams by getting a summer student job. I stopped for a while to look for a job and focused on how to get Canadian experience.

The only solution was volunteering. Easy and safe! I volunteered in a law firm for about three months. One day I decided to restart my Toronto job search. I saw a job posting on that interested me a lot. I applied, I got an interview and I was hired.

My very first try turned out to be so successful. It’s been four years now and I’m still with the same company. I can say I have the job of my dreams. I’m pretty sure one day I will turn this job into a beautiful career.

You might hear different stories about jobs in Toronto. Some stories might inspire you, some might put you down. Be confident and daring. It might take time, but if you’ll be ambitious enough you will get what you want. Good luck with your Toronto job search!!

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