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What Toronto life is like? What's the quality of life in Toronto? How do immigrants live here?

Why should you immigrate to Toronto? How is the health care and child care here? How to settle here? Are there many jobs in Toronto? How to buy a car?

These and many other questions are answered in this collection of articles about daily activities of people living in Toronto.

We add new articles all the time. If you have a particular question about Toronto and what living here is like, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer it here.

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Toronto Life - Tips for Immigrants - Frequently Asked Questions about Health Care in Canada

Canada health care - a picture of a medical centre in Toronto

Most people know that Canada health care is free. That said, there are still many questions that worry potential immigrants - how good is health care in Canada, how to apply for OHIP card (Ontario only), where to go if you are sick, what to do about health care if you just arrived to Canada. Start your Toronto life prepared!

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Toronto Life - Whole Life Insurance Canada vs. Term Life Insurance

whole life insurance Canada

Life insurance is a very important part of reality in Canada. The reason is that if something happens in the family - such as death of one of the parents, insurance will help the family deal with the loss of one income while maintaining a good standard of living. While there are several types of insurance in Canada, the most common types are whole life insurance and term life insurance.

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Toronto Life - Tips for Immigrants - Toronto Walk In Clinic vs. Emergency Room

Canada health care - a picture of a dental walk in clinic in Toronto

Walk in clinic and emergency room can be slightly confusing terms for immigrants starting a new life in Toronto. For some reason, many people think that if they go to a so called "emergency room," they will get treatment much faster. This is the reason why emergency rooms in Toronto are so overcrowded.

Read Toronto Walk In Clinic vs. Emergency Room

Toronto Life - Tips for Immigrants - Child Care In Toronto

a picture of a child care centre in Toronto

These Toronto life resources cover everything you need to know about child care in Toronto : what types of child care exist in Toronto, how to apply for a subisdy, which day care centres in Toronto accept subsidy, how to choose a good child care centre, and what activities they provide to the kids.

Read About Child Care In Toronto: Day Care Centres, Subsidy: Tips For Immigrants

Toronto Life - Tips for Immigrants - Why Toronto Nanny May Be Better Than A Day Care And How To Find Her

a picture of Toronto kids having fun

If you are immigrating or moving to Toronto with two or more children, don't be discouraged. Hiring a Toronto nanny is really not that expensive. Just to give you an example, paying child care fees for one child can cost you up to $ 1300 CAD per month, sometimes even more, for younger children. Hiring a Toronto nanny, on the other hand, could cost you less than $ 2 000 per month.

Read Why Toronto Nanny May Be Better Than A Day Care And How To Find Her

Tips for Immigrants - Toronto Apartments For Rent

a picture of apartment buildings in Toronto

So you are immigrating to Canada and starting a new life in Toronto! Congratulations! You will need to find a place to live in - read these tips about renting apartments in Toronto. Do not rent anything before you land in the city, you might make a mistake! There are good and bad places to live in. These Toronto life tips will help you make the right decision.

Read Toronto Apartments For Rent - Information, Tips, Recommendations

Real Estate Toronto - Information, Tips and Resources

a picture of a house in Toronto

Sooner or later, real estate will be the essencial part of your life in Toronto! This page contains resources about real estate in Toronto. It covers essential information about types of property in Toronto, procedures of buying and selling houses, expenses involved in owning a house, as well as recommendations to buyers and sellers.

Read Real Estate Toronto - Information, Tips and Resources

About Toronto Condo Market - Information, Tips, Resources

Toronto Condo Market - a picture of condominiums in Downtown Toronto

Get familiar with Toronto life! Condos are the most popular type of real estate in Toronto. Condominiums are usually built in convenient locations - in the centres of business activity, social and cultural life, or close to the TTC or highways. The Toronto condo market is on the rise - new construction projects are initiated in Downtown, as well as in the GTA - North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Mississauga.

Read About Toronto Condo Market - Information, Tips, Resources

Toronto Life - Tips for Immigrants - Jobs in Toronto

a job hunter

If you decided to immigrate to Canada, it's most likely because there are so many jobs in Toronto that you want to settle here. Not only Toronto is the most fun-loving city, it's also the most hard-working city in Canada. But finding a job in Toronto is a challenge. These Toronto job search tips are written for new immigrants to help them find a job in Toronto fast.

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Toronto Life - Tips for Immgirants - Job Interview Preparation

job interview preparation

These articles are designed to help you pass a job interview with flying colors! Everything you need to know about job interview in Toronto - the dress code for a job interview, what questions to ask, sample job interview questions and answers, and even how to write job interview thank you letters!

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Toronto Life - Tips for Immigrants - How to Buy Used Cars in Canada

A picture of a used Honda CR-V - used cars Canada

While many Torontonians (around 25%) use public transport called TTC, many others prefer to buy a car, because distances in Toronto are really big. If you are just starting your new Toronto life, you really should from a used car - you could get a great deal for your money, and afford all the accessories you might not be able to afford on a new car. These tips describe how to buy a used car in Canada and the steps you need to take to make sure you get the best deal possible and have no legal problems.

Read How to Buy used cars in Canada - A Step By Step Guide

Tornto Life - Tips for Immigrants - Auto Insurance Quotes Canada

Auto insurance quotes Canada, Ontario

Auto insurance is mandatory in Canada - you cannot even leave the dealership with the basic coverage. Toronto is the most expensive city in Canada, when it comes to car insurance. Each car insurance company in Toronto uses different logic when calculating your Toronto insurance premiums. They take into account the car make, the year, your location and a few other parameters. Therefore, you need to shop around to find a cheap car insurance in Toronto.

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