Why Toronto Nanny May Be Better Than A Day Care And How To Find Her

Hiring a Toronto nanny, whether full-time, part-time or on-call, may be a great solution for a family with two or more children.

It is no secret that child care in Toronto is very expensive, and while there is a childcare fee subsidy, the waiting list is very long and the subsidy is only available to families in need.

Therefore, if you are immigrating moving to Toronto with two or more children, don't be discouraged. Hiring a Toronto nanny is really not that expensive.

Just to give you an example, paying child care fees for one child can cost you up to $ 1300 CAD per month, sometimes even more, for younger children.

Child care fees per two children then could reach $ 2 600 per month! That's the reason why some Toronto mothers decide to stay home and take care of the children, while only the father works.

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Hiring a Toronto nanny, on the other hand, could cost you less than $ 2 000 per month. The official minimum salary that you must pay a Toronto nanny is $ 10.25 per hour(as of writing this page in August 2011).

This adds up to around $ 400 per week, or $ 1600 per month! What a relief, compared to the day care fees in Toronto!

Most Toronto nannies will easily agree to the minimum salary, if at least one of your children is old enough to take care of himself - get dressed, wash and eat by himself.

Of course, you might need to pay a bit more if you have very small children, as taking care of them is much more difficult. Then you would need to negotiate the rate with the nanny.

Some benefits of hiring a full-time Toronto nanny:

  • She can look after two or three of your children at the same price, provided at least some of your children can take care of themselves
  • She can come to your place, or even live with you - no need to bring your children to a child care center somewhere on the other end of the city. It's a huge benefit if your children are of different ages, because it is hard to find a child care in Toronto that can accept children of different ages
  • If you work from home, like I do, your children would be around all the time and you could spend a few minutes here and there with them while the nanny would take care of them while you work!

Some downsides of hiring a nanny:

  • If you work out of home, you cannot exactly be sure what the nanny and children are up to. Therefore, you should be very careful about who you are hiring. Always check references, call her former employers.
  • You might feel uncomfortable with another person in your house
  • Your children would not get as much interaction with other children as they would in a child care center, which is important for their social skills. Make sure your nanny takes them to special part time children activities provided in your area.

You can hire a Toronto nanny full-time, part-time or simply on-call if you need to go somewhere. I will tell you about four ways of finding a Toronto nanny.

1. Find a live-out Toronto nanny through word-of-mouth

If you are looking for a nanny, you might want to start from asking your around. You might be able to find a nanny in your area, that could either come to your house or you could take your children to her place.

Maybe some of your neighbors already used the services of a nanny, and might recommend you or, on the contrary, dissuade you from hiring a certain nanny.

2. Find a live-in or live-out Toronto nanny by posting a job

You can find a Toronto nanny by advertising the job on the official Canadian-wide job search website.This site is free for employers and for job seekers.

You could also use local job search websites, such as Kijiji and Craiglist.

Simply describe the job and your conditions and start getting resumes. Then you can interview the most qualified candidates.

Live-in Toronto nanny will live in your house and take care of your children while you work. To hire a live-in nanny, you need to provide working conditions. She must have a separate room and her days off.

While you will be paying her the minimum salary of $10.25 an hour, you can deduct her living expenses - the room and boarding (approximately $ 400 per month).

If you are thinking to hire a live-in nanny, you are not limited to Toronto city only. Nannies from all over Canada can apply, but the inconvenience is that you won't be able to meet them for an interview.

3. Sponsor a live-in caregiver from a foreign country

You might be in a position when you cannot find a suitable nanny in Toronto or even in Canada in general. For example, you might want to hire a nanny that speaks your language and must work on Saturdays and Sundays and get a day off on Thursdays due to your work schedule.

You might not be able to find a Toronto nanny who could meet all your requirements (don't go crazy on them!). In this case you can hire a live-in nanny from a foreign country.

There are many conditions you must meet in order to be able to hire a foreign nanny. Briefly, you must demonstrate that you were not able to find a suitable nanny in Canada, that you have an extra room for her to live in, and that you have sufficient income to pay the nanny.

You can find other requirements on the official Canadian Human Resources website.

The foreign nanny, too, must meet certain requirements. She must be able to speak English or French, must complete a secondary school, a six-months full time training in a related field (health provider or child care provider), or have a full one year experience as a nanny.

How do you find a nanny to sponsor? You might already have someone in mind. Sometimes people find a nanny among their friends or relatives in their home country.

Find a Toronto nanny through an agency

If you do not want to go through the hassle of interviewing people and sponsoring a nanny from abroad, there are plenty of agencies in Toronto that specialize in nannies.

They might find you a nanny in Toronto, full time or part time, or even on call. Some agencies specialize in bringing nannies from abroad.

For some reason, nannies from the Philippines, for example, are very popular in Toronto. They have a reputation of being great child care service providers.

I have never had a nanny from Philippines myself, but I meet a lot of them in the playgrounds, and it really seems that they do care about children.

The agencies supposedly interview the nannies personally and check their references. Their rates may vary, of course, so always shop around before you make a decision.

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