5 Great Hotspots in Toronto Night Life!

Hottest Nightclubs in Toronto

By Sharon Baker

Check out the Toronto night life next time you are in Toronto, Ontario and looking for something to do at night.

There are plenty of great nightclubs in Toronto, bars and places to just hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.

Read about great hotspots in Toronto for you to nightlife experience.

1. Luxy, One of the Hottest Nightclubs in Toronto

Dancing at the Luxy nightclub Toronto

Come experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Luxy Night Club with its 13,000 sq ft European design that feels like an intimate lounge setting. The Luxy Night Club is big enough to handle any corporate events, while also being a cozy getaway spot for you and your friends.

Luxy offers a wide range of amenities from V.I.P services to special club events and more. The multi-dimensional lighting and exciting decor make this club one of Toronto's hot spots and a place you do not want to miss.

2. This-Is-London Bar, Toronto

Dancing at the This is London Bar Toronto

Enjoy one of the most talked about bars in the heart of Toronto night life when you enter This-Is-London Bar. The Mayfair style hot spot has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere with a strict dress code. This is not a jeans and T-shirt kind of place, but when you want to see and be seen among the beautiful people of Toronto, This-Is-London Bar is definitely your place.

This-Is-London Bar is a place for grownups to hang out and enjoy a more sophisticated company with fantastic atmosphere and unique amenities. The women's restroom includes an on-site hairdresser and make-up artist.

3. The Century Room, One of the Hottest Nightclubs in Toronto

Dancing at the Century Room nightclub Toronto

Located in the heart of Toronto's King West District, The Century Room is where the locals hang out. Opened in 2004, the Century Room has also hosted many celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg, John Legend, Jude Law and more. You never know who you might see here.

Remodeled from a warehouse that was built in 1904, The Century Room offers a great retro feel of old town Toronto with a modern club atmosphere. The Century Room hosts a number of special events throughout the year and is always busy.

4. Mansion and Loft, One of the Hottest Nightclubs in Toronto

Dancing at the Mansion and Loft night club Toronto

As one of newest hot spots in Toronto night life, the Mansion and Loft is a state of the art, upscale nightclub with a VIP feel in Toronto's nightclub district. The Mansion and Loft offers a wide range of entertainment with everything from magicians and fire eaters to dancers and much more.

Mansion and Loft is a very modern nightclub with unisex restrooms and ultra plush decor. The nightclub includes a second floor loft area with a glass ceiling for a unique view of the night sky, adding to the ambience of the club.

5. Tryst, One of the Hottest Nightclubs in Toronto

Dancing at the Tryst nightclub Toronto

Check out one of best nightclubs in Toronto night life when you step into Tryst. Entering Tryst is a very sensory experience with a unique ambience. Tryst features an indoor garden area, a very intimate parlor and glass ceiling to give it the special feel under the stars.

Tryst is a world-class nightclub with a two-story Havana Lounge and rich decor. This is the place to get away for an intimate rendezvous or to enjoy the company of your friends in a great location.

Author Bio: Sharon Baker works at Redbus Bingo. She is an avid reader and loves to travel the world. When traveling, she always makes sure to hit up the trendiest spots. The motto she lives by is "You can observe a lot just by watching".