Amazing Road Trips Near Toronto

By Sue Stokes

When living in Toronto (or even when visiting the city) sometimes we all need a break.

Ontario's nature is rich and beautiful, especially in summer when everything is green and blooming.

Here's a list of great road trips within a reasonable distance from Toronto, for those times when you need to get out of the city.

Or maybe just for those who are feeling a little adventurous and want an exciting day out.

1. Manitoulin Island

Quite a way out of Toronto, but worth the journey, and not too long if you're planning on staying for longer than a day. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you drive along the picturesque roads leading there and then enjoy the stunning views and landscapes when you arrive. Perfect for families with children as their imaginations will run wild. Once you've arrived there's plenty to do including fishing, hiking, cycling and much more. If you're into your outdoor activities then Manitoulin Island is well worth a visit!

Manitoulis Island

2. Niagara Falls

If you're in Toronto you'd be foolish not to visit Niagara falls. One of the true spectacles of Canada and the USA, this is an awe inspiring sight and one not to be missed. You can enjoy the views from a safe distance (with an anorak of course!) or you can be one of the brave tourists who ventures down into the water and enjoys a boat ride amongst the spray.

Niagara Falls in Fall

3. Algonquin Park

If you enjoy walking, photography, nature or being outdoors then this is the perfect road trip choice for you! The stunning park is one of the most well preserved in the country (and the oldest!) and will keep you entertained for days whilst you explore the pine forests, the lakes, the caves and cliffs and the wildlife. If you enjoy water sports then this is also a fantastic idea for you as many of the lakes offer canoeing and boating.

Algonquin Park

4. Canada's Wonderland

An awesome theme park worthy of its name, this road trip will keep you and your children entertained for the whole day (and more, if you decide to stay longer). The theme park is home to some huge roller coasters, hotel, live entertainment and shopping - so there really is something to keep every type of person busy.

Canada's Wonderland

5. Wasaga Beach

A beautiful expanse of natural beach, this beautiful spot is the perfect Toronto road-trip during the summer months. Sometimes summer can get too hot in a city so take a break and make your way out to dip your toes in the water. The beach offers water sports and kids clubs during the summer season too, so everyone gets to have a great time!

Wasage Beach

6. Bruce Peninsula

This is a perfect location for those wanting a nice day out admiring the scenery and beautiful surroundings whilst taking a long walk or perhaps a bike ride. The landscape here is purely stunning and definitely a place to take the camera!

Bruce Peninsula near Toronto

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