Toronto Tourist Attractions

Seeing these top Toronto tourist attractions is probably the most compact way you could spend your Toronto vacation, especially if you are staying only a few days.

These 5 attractions participate in the Toronto CityPass program - 45% off of the admission fee, PLUS you get to skip the lines in most of them, that are sometimes VERY long!

What's the catch, you may ask? This pass is valid for only 9 days starting from the day you see your first attraction! This is ideal if you are visiting the city and want to see the best of Toronto all at once!

Something that locals can't enjoy that much - they have to work, and it's VERY hard to find time to visit all 5 of them in 9 days!

Here they are, the essentials, in all their beauty!

Toronto Tourist Attractions - Glorious CN Tower Toronto

Toronto attractions - CN Tower

Of course you heard of CN Tower! But do you know that locals visit it mostly when friends from out of town are visiting? And some of them didn't visit it since their school trip in the 5th grade? There is something about it - everybody in Toronto knows its there and can see it close up or practically from anywhere in the city. It is sort of my Lighthouse, I use it as a landmark so I know which way South is when I drive.

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Toronto Tourist Attractions - Casa Loma

Toronto attractions - Casa Loma

Wow, a real castle! That's what my kid said when he saw it. What a step back in time, especially after the super modern CN Tower! Casa Loma belonged to Sir Henry Pellatt, a well-known Canadian financier, a soldier and a romantic. It was his dream castle, a homage to the knights and damsels of the days gone by. And Casa Loma really does have that medieval feel to it, with its 98 rooms filled with antiques, secret passages and beautiful gardens.

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Toronto Tourist Attractions - Ontario Science Centre

Toronto attractions - Ontario Science Centre

It's like ten museums in one! A fun way to introduce kids to science - it inspired my 4 year old son to want to be a scientist when he grows up. There is so much to see and do that you could spend a whole week there, and not see it all. They have stuff for kids, stuff for teens and even stuff for bench warmers! Play centres, miniature cosmos, things you can touch, taste, climb and even bang! IMAX Dome theatre with screen 4,500 times bigger than an average TV screen and an aging machine!

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Toronto Tourist Attractions - Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto attractions - Royal Ontario Museum

We can't get enough of ROM! Fun for animal and dinosaur lovers! Thanks to kids, we mostly visit the Natural history section and hands-on galleries. Kids can play and touch things there. Once I found my way to the World Culture Galleries. They have an outstanding collection of sculptures, paintings, sculptures from Egypt, Japan, China, First Peoples in Canada. One of the most popular Toronto attractions.

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Toronto Tourist Attractions - Toronto Zoo

Toronto attractions - Zoo

We've been to Toronto Zoo more times than we can count, and haven't seen the Canadian Domain! I love exotic animals, we always start from the African Savanna - elephants, zebras, giraffes, etc. The great thing about Toronto zoo is that in summer many animals live outside, in cold winter weather they hide in warm pavilions. For little kids, they have a petting zoo with small animals and pony and camel rides!

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Of course these are not the only Toronto tourist attractions, the city boasts much more than that. These are, so to speak, la creme de la creme, although I personally would include a few other Toronto attractions into the Toronto CityPass, but then, I might be biased!

Which is Your Favorite Tourist Attraction in Toronto?

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Royal Ontario Museum was one of the funniest experiences for me and my little nephew in the biggest city of attractions which is Toronto. You can find …

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