Toronto Zombie Walk

by Kate & Wheatley

Walking crowd

Walking crowd

Walking crowd Bon appetit! Zombie attacking! Just walking

If you are up for some unusual, creepy, gloomy and awesome fun - try Toronto Zombie Walk!

We are new immigrants in Toronto, and have never heard of this awesome Toronto event! We wish we had a little more time to learn about it, because my husband is a huge fan of zombies, and he wanted to participate so much, but we just had no time to buy any costumes or makeup.

Anyway, we grabbed a camera, kids and went Downtown to watch the Toronto zombie walk. In the beginning, before they started really "walking", we could see some zombies here and there, they looked kind of shy and lonely.

But once the actual "walk" started, they suddenly became more and more brave, they walked like zombies (well like you expect zombies to walk!), acted like zombies. They would jump on occasional photographers and bystanders, pretend to bite off their hands or simply tried to scare them off.

Our favorite zombie was this little boy - who was half-walking half-jumping in this position all way long! We admired his acting abilities, he is definitely the next Di Caprio!

zombie creepy boy

This one was a very funny creepy flight crew - you can see some zombie flight attendants posing for my camera!

zombie flight crew

And here is a lonely Ghost hunter - I was wondering why he chose this costume - zombie hunting is essentially different from ghost hunting!

zombie ghost hunter

Here is a scary werewolf protesting against the rich.

eat the rich

Some people in the Toronto zombie walk were so inventive - they would take some popular superheroes and turn them into Zombie superheroes! Or even go as far as developing a whole new story, like this Zombie Spiderman wedding!

zombie spidermen wedding

Here is a Zombie pajamas party.

pajamas party

This zombie definitely wants to be killed...again. Maybe tired of being a zombie?

kill me now

I loved this guy, he was so serious in his role, although I did not quite understand what he was, haha!


And here is a sad zombie clown - very cute costume!

sad zombie clown

This one definitely is a groom ditched by the altar who dies of grieve and was reborn zombie! Beware, Bride!

zombie the groom

This is a very pretty zombie lady.

zombie portrait

And this one, too - too cute to be true!

zombie in Toronto

So if you want to participate in Toronto Zombie walk, which takes place just before the Halloween, check out their website.

If you want to just watch, select your observation post somewhere in the middle of their itinerary - after they get into their roles and before they get tried of all the walking!

Note:Kate Kraverska is a professonal photographer, you can see her portfolio:
Images by Kate Kraverska­­

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