Toronto Zoo

We love Toronto Zoo! It's so huge - you could spend there a whole week and not get enough.

Provided that you love animals, of course.

The zoo is part of 5 top Toronto attractions included in the Toronto CityPass, giving you a 45% discount for visiting all 5 attractions in 9 days!

Do not miss the opportunity - if you are looking for things to do in Toronto and are staying only a few days, you couldn't get a better deal.

Address: 361A Old Finch Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M1B 5K7

Phone number: 416-392-5900

Admission fee: $23.00 (adults 13-64), $17.00 (seniors), $13.00 (children).

Zoomobile fee: $7.50

Parking: $10.00

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Pictures of Toronto Zoo:


greater kudu rhinoceros zebra hippo Toronto zoo fish
monkey giraffe elephant jellyfish camel

How to visit Toronto Zoo - by Life in Toronto City Guide

The zoo is really huge. At the gate, they will give you a zoo map, so take a look at it before you start. There are 6 distinct sections in the zoo with animals from 6 parts of the world. The sections are: Indo-Malayan, African, Canadian, Americas, Eurasia and Australia. As you cannot see them all in one day, start with the section that interests you the most.

Toronto Zoo Highlights


Some animals like when it's warm, therefore they have arranged multiple pavilions where animals live in their natural habitat. It can be REALLY warm in there! But the fun is worth it. I personally like African animals, and my favorite part of the whole zoo is the family of orangutans - they are so playful and SO much like human kids!

Orangutan posing for cameras

If you are tired of walking, you can get on a zoomobile! It's kind of like a train with a personal tour guide who will tell you about the animals the train passes by. They have 5 locations where you can get on a zoomobile, and you can buy a ticket right there ($7.50). Unfortunately, the ticket is not included in the Toronto in the Toronto CityPass, and must be bought separately. Another con of getting on a zoombobile is that you won;t be able to see the animals in the pavilions. But it;s fun to ride, especially if you are a benchwarmer!

Camel and pony rides

These rides are open in warm weather, and take only light-weight riders. The fee is $5 per ride, and are a lot of fun for kids (hopefully, for the camels and ponies, too!)

Pony rdies

If you have 0-10 year old kids, start from the kids discovery zoo! Kids zoo is part of the Zellers Discovery Zone, on the right from the gate. The Discovery Zone also includes Splash Island and Waterside Theatre. The kids zoo is my son's all time favorite. There are small domestic animals that kids can pet, and lots of tiny animal-themes playgrounds where kids can pretend to be spiders, turtles, and other animals. A lot of material for family pictures!

Here is my son Daniel pretending to be a turtle in the Kidszoo

kids zoo

Tip: If you are visiting Toronto zoo with kids 1-4, it might be hard for them to walk around. You can rent strollers at the gate, rates are $5.00, $6.00 and $8.00, depending on the size. Wheelchairs are free.

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